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Why you must choose a Starter tattoo Kit


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There is a hot topic on quora, Can I buy a tattoo machine for my own tattoo? At first glance, the person who raised this question seemed unbelievable. But in fact, it is also excusable. Can I buy a tattoo machine to tattoo myself? The question is a 16-year-old junior, I want to tattoo myself because of my hobby, and I think it makes sense...Most tattoo shops will not accept underage guests, so he came up with the idea of his own tattoo. For this question I want to say: If you are not afraid of improper operation, infection, and inflammation of the tattoo site If you are not afraid that the lines are crooked and twisted and accidentally ruined without professional training If you are not afraid of regrets, go get tattoos yourself! Here are some of the painful experiences of the predecessors with their own tattoos. A friend on quora planned to get a tattoo, but it was too expensive. In line with the concept of "do it yourself, adequate food and clothing", He bought a tattoo machine and transfer paste plus some consumables online A total of more than 200 dollars, and found a pattern and planned to tattoo himself tattoo machine His tattoos live on the forum... Finally, the lines tattooed on the body are bumpy. With the sounds of ridicule and sympathy in the post, He commented on himself as "the stupidest tattoo in history." me If you haven’t seen the tattoo novice suit buyer show, it’s hard to believe there are so many Those who dare to pierce themselves or others after watching the video tutorial. tattoo kit Tracy from Texas said: I’m not a tattoo artist, I don’t even know how to draw, But my husband just bought this and asked me to tattoo him. I tried a few strokes on his old tattoo. The result was unexpectedly good. Before doing tattoo work, I watched some tattoo teaching videos on YouTube and made sure of hygiene. This attempt is very memorable, personally, I'm pretty sure I can't become a tattoo artist. tattoo The "unconscious" world beyond reality, In order to get rid of all constraints. James bought a tattoo set on Amazon, Watched 5 YouTube videos, Bravely start on yourself. how to use tattoo machines tattoo Before purchasing this kit on Wormhole tattoo supply. Teresa had no idea how to use the equipment. The attitude of self-exile, I got a completely different effect from my expectations. tattoo It is a success story to be able to tattoo yourself like this. tattoo tattoo leg tattoo Very suitable for beginners and apprentices, suitable for fake leather. Not recommended for skin application, unless the lines are small and simple. skull tattoo I received the goods about a week ago, I tattooed myself on my finger and it looked terrible. Quiet creation can make the heart feel a moment of tranquility, Only the tattoo machine gives the adrenaline a breath of breath. tattoo Red represents passion, and yellow gives people vitality. This color scheme can also remind you of KFC and M. In a few strokes, he depicts his disdain for evil forces. By the way, is this Deadpool? ?? tattoo Nicholas from Ohio warned everyone: This is a real tattoo gun, not a toy. tattoo Doodle on myself, If you get tattoos on your head, you will leave the aesthetic behind. tattoo Even if you don’t live on making tattoos, please be kind to the tattooed skin. Tattoo removal and coverage are more expensive. If you like tattoos, you can play with fake skin and pig skin at home If you want to get a tattoo, you should obediently find a regular master to study. If you really want to try to learn, please buy a professional tattoo kit, practice well on the skin, and then tattoo yourself when you are sure. tattoo gun kit After getting a tattoo kit, you need to learn some tattoo skills to begin your tattoo career.