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The first tattoo does not have to be a small tattoo


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Don’t have to make a small tattoo

tattoo Everyone feels different when receiving pain. Friends will suggest that you start with the small pattern and just have a try about tattoo, but not everyone likes the exquisiteness of the small picture. The splendid of the big pattern is also one of the charms of the tattoo. But no matter how big or small, make sure you really love it.

Follow Your heart

tattoo You go to get a tattoo, you fancy a picture, and ask for your friend's idea. In the end, your friend gives you a pattern, and you tattoo it on your body. How do you feel? You spend money to put your friends' favorite pattern and texts on yourself. This is the most stupid thing. Tattoo please follow your heart.

Wait patiently

tattoo A famous tattoo artist is always full of appointments, so if you choose a very busy tattoo artist, then you have to be prepared. Waiting is a virtue, this is also a process, irritability or anxiety, The tattoo is always yours and won't run.

Take design seriously

tattoo A tattoo artist must be worthy of these two words. A good tattoo artist should not just copy other people's designs. Every tattoo artist does not want to make the same pictures on different people's skins. Therefore, original designs cannot be profaned.

Give tattoo artists free space

tattoo In this way, you can get better tattoos. Every tattoo artist will have his own style. The focus is on his own style. Don't be too anxious. It makes sense to work slowly and carefully.

Remember to make an appointment in advance

tattoo Every tattooist expects to manage his time well so that he can do his homework in an orderly manner. Rather than being told temporarily to put down the matter at hand. Booking early is also a guarantee for your tattoo. The tattoo artist will concentrate on the homework before the agreed date.

Scab problem

tattoo This is a problem that will appear after the tattoo. At this time, it will be accompanied by itching. Don't scratch. This is something we have always been talking about, but some people will not listen. At the same time, make sure that this part of the tattoo is clean. Only in this way can you get a relatively perfect tattoo.