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Tattoo needles knowledge that beginners must know

tattoo needle

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Although tattoo needles are not large objects, they are one of the most important tattoo tools for tattoo artists. Often novice tattooists are confused about "Which model of tattoo needle should I choose". Providing better help for tattoos has always been the top priority of Wormhole Tattoo. Today I will bring you the models of wormhole tattoo needles. And its corresponding parameter characteristics, of course, also apply to most tattoo needles on the market.

tattoo needles

Tattoo needle model distinction

M1 needles For example 1211M1 12 is the representative wire thickness. There are 3 types of steel wire, 08, 10, and 12. 08 corresponds to a wire thickness of 0.25, 10 corresponds to a wire thickness of 0.30, and 12 corresponds to a wire thickness of 0.35 In addition to the three models, there are 0.40 models on the market. The steel wire is too thick and difficult to weld by needle welding. The color material is not suitable. Too thin, the needle material is easy to bend when working. 11 is the number of needles. M1 represents the arrangement of needle tips. There are several models of Wormhole Tattoo needles: RL, RS, RM, Flats, M1, and M2. RL: Round closing, all needles are brought together in the middle. RS: Contrary to RL, all the needles spread around. RM: The cross has an arc, also called an arc needle. Flats: All the needle roots are at one point and parallel. M1: Fork row needles. M2: Double row of needles. The width of double row needles with the same number of needles is half of that of the fork row needles.

M2 needles

What diagrams are suitable for different types of needles?

Wormhole tattoo needles are divided into six types: RL, RS, RM, F, M1, and M2. RL and RS are round needles. The others are pin headers. RL is used for thread cutting, and the others are used for fogging. Yes, M1 is a cross-row needle, which is currently the most widely used fogging needle in the domestic market. M2 is a double-row needle, RM is an arced needle, F is a single-row needle, F is the most suitable for totem, and RS is round. Fog shot. Generally, most of the needles used for fogging are blunt needle tips. Too sharp needle tips are easy to scrape the skin, and the damage to the skin is relatively large. The blunt needle tips color well. F single-row needle: Generally used for trimming and trimming sharp corners, as well as very small graphics, large area coloring is not commonly used. M2 double-row overlapping needles: Because the needle tip density is relatively large, the depth of penetration into the skin is relatively shallow, which is suitable for a fine mist. M1 cross pin header: the most commonly used, both large and small pin headers are widely used. Such pins can be colored very well and can be light or heavy. RM arc-shaped needle: very easy to use, especially when doing light and dark changes, the effect is very good, the shading effect is very uniform. In the market, there are still some special-shaped needles. Some are angle needles that are changed from M1. The roots cross open, also called hollow needles. There are also three rows of needles with multiple forks, evolved from M2. But these are immature products, not mainstream products. Flats needles Give another example: portrait magnum 0807M1 08: Steel wire model 07: Amount of needles M1: Needle tip arrangement The magnum needle has a thinner tip and a longer tip. The technique of sketching is often used in characters. The technique is required to be delicate, with traces and pinholes after the needle enters the skin. The wire difference is small, but it can still be seen. So for the technique of sketching, the needles required should be fine, the pierced works should be soft, and the smaller the pinhole, the better. Differentiating the sketch needles cannot only look at the thickness of the wire, and the yellow card 08 models are not necessarily all sketch needles. To distinguish the sketch needles, we must look at the thickness of the wire, the length of the needle tip, and the thickness of the needle.

RL needles

Tip selection formula

The magnum needle does not have a matching disposable nozzle. There are professional stainless steel nozzles. The disposable nozzles are designed according to the 0.35 calculation. There is a calculation method for how to know whether the needle and the needle nozzle are matched. Take 0807M1 as an example, 7*0.25/ 0.35= matched disposable tattoo tips. In addition to the inexhaustible, only the needle nozzle model can be selected from the top to match, not rounding. The needle tip can only be large, not small.

RS needles

What resistance will the needle wire deform?

1. The wrong needle is installed. If the needle assembly is crooked, it will deform when it hits the inner wall of the needle nozzle. 2. Dip the pigment. In the process of dipping the ink, the tattoo machine is working, and novices do not pay attention so that the tip of the mouth is too low when dipping the ink, which causes the needle to collide with the color material cup and cause the needle to bend and deform. 3. Hard skin. This is a one-sided understanding. The main reason is that the stratum corneum of the client is relatively thick, so Vaseline should be applied before the tattoo.

RM needles

Why does the ink spit phenomenon occur?

The first thing to do is to see if the needle is installed incorrectly. The needle should be reversed before tying the rubber band. If there is no reverse pull, it will warp. When the work is shaking, the color material splashes and causes ink to spit. Secondly, the needle is installed correctly, the ink jet appears for a short time, and there is air at the tip of the needle tip. Before starting the tattoo, the needle tip should be dipped in ink to exhaust. Finally, at the needle tip, the opening is easier to eject ink than the closed one.

What does a good tattoo needle look like?

tattoo needles 1. There are many types of stainless steel that can be used to make tattoo needles. Stainless steel mainly includes 316 pure medical, 304L medical, and 304 ordinary. The raw material cost of 304L medical stainless steel is 2 to 3 times that of 304 ordinary steel. Wormhole Tattoo selected 316L medical stainless steel. A good tattoo needle must be strictly disinfected, and its quality must be strictly inspected and relatively stable. 2. Small skin lesions and no hooks. In addition to product quality, the biggest difference is that Wormhole has a color changer-blue dot, and this color changer is costly. Each needle must be sterilized by ethylene oxide, which is safer. After all the needles are strictly sterilized, the color of the color changer will be blue. The tattoo needles that have not been disinfected are different in color, showing pink, rose red and dark pink. The color changer is greatly affected by temperature, and the color will change. It also reminds our customers to pay attention to the way of storage. 3. Good needles have smooth solder, poor needles have rough solder. For the RL needle, the needle tip is tightened and not loose. The magnums are evenly distributed. A good needle has no hooks. Solder the needle bar needle. There is too much tin, which makes the soldering part bulge and uneven, causing friction mismatch in the needle tip during use, and the risk of infection and tetanus caused by solder debris brought into the skin with the pigment. 4. Good needles, flat head without hook. If the needle has a hook phenomenon, it is like a fishing hook. After the tattoo needles enter the skin, the flesh will be cut during the tattoo, which will cause serious damage and carry flesh. 5. A good tattoo needle must be strictly disinfected and the quality must be strictly inspected. Wormhole also follows this principle. Under a hundred-fold magnifying glass, hand-selected one by one, remove the defective products and only give the tattoo artist the best. It is complicated to learn tattoo skills, click here to learn more about the classification and application of tattoo needles.