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Chinese Character Tattoos

Chinese Character Tattoos

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When getting a tattoo, everyone often chooses designs that are of great significance to them, such as the portraits of loved ones or pets or choose some wisdom statements that have illuminated your life and supported yourself through dark moments.
But a girl in England didn't take the usual path, tattooed her favorite Chinese takeaway...
chinese takeaway order tattoo It's all in a day's work for Ellie Campbell, a 19-year-old graphic designer from Horsham, West Sussex.
Some time ago, the girl wanted to get a tattoo. This is also the first tattoo in her life. The girl has been thinking about it for a long time, and she doesn't know what kind of tattoo can show her personality appropriately. Her mother joked: "Hey, don't you usually like to order takeaways from Chinese restaurants? Have the ability to tattoo takeaways on your body. If you dare to tattoo, I will invite you to a Chinese restaurant for a meal."
chinese food "Yes, I can tattoo my favorite takeaway. I work as a graphic designer, but I have a Chinese takeaway tattoo on my body. Doesn't this show my personality?" With a flash of inspiration, she rushed to find a tattoo artist. After she finished talking about the pattern she wanted to get, the well-informed tattoo artist was also taken aback. After so many years in the industry, she had never seen such a strange request for a tattoo. chinese takeaway order tattoo After confirming again and again that the girl was indeed not joking, he couldn't help but chuckle and laugh.
Later, under the control of the tattoo artist, the girl finally got her wish and tattooed her favorite Chinese dishes on her body.
chinese takeaway order tattoo chinese takeaway order tattoo The girl is quite proud of her behavior.
Ellie said: "Originally when we made the bet, my mum said she'd treat me to a Chinese if I got it done."
"She honestly didn't think I'd get it done at the time. She is yet to buy me one, however.
"I think if she pays, she wants me to go and order one with my new tattoo!" chinese takeaway order tattoo Sometimes, a tattoo doesn’t need a reason at all, it can even be just the name of a dish you like, so if you have the idea of a tattoo, just do it!