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Whether Tattooing Can Be Using Anesthetics Or Not?


Jason Wang |

Last week, I had a party with my homies. At that time, we have talked about "whether tattooing can be using anesthetics or not," my homie said, "Although I got new tattoos last week, it is a terrifying moment; tattooing is really hurt, next time I will get anesthetics." belly tattoo I know how painful she is; also, I saw her crying, so I can understand why she desires to use anesthetics when tattooing. However, The way is not going to suggest. body tattoo Only a few people did tattoos with anesthetics because they all know that anesthetics have many disadvantages. Although there is no pain during the tattoo period. Everything has to see two sides; one side is good things, one side is bad things. The anesthetics can help tattooers who cannot feel any pain, but the bad things are a long influence. mentattoo The anesthetic has two kinds of forms. We are not getting the type of anesthesia needle used in surgery; it's a cream-like medicine for external application. The procedures of tattooing are:
1>Apply to the tattoo area before tattooing 2>Wait for 1 hour, cleaning the site, where applied anesthesia. 3>Start to tattoo.
womentattoo A It has different skins between anesthetic-applied skin and normal un-anesthetic skin. The anesthetic-applied skin will be gradually tightening and swelling. The most important thing is that those kinds of skin will cause a problem, which cannot averagely be distributed in the dermis by inks. Hence, the result of tattooing is horrible after the recovery of tattoos. womentattoo The anesthetic-applied skin also influences the skin is not elastic, which causes faintness when fogging. Not only that, but it also causes slow recovery, and maintenance will be more difficult. Except for all points, it does not mean that everyone is suitable for anesthetics. Some of you may be allergic to anesthetics if that is Severe allergies, you could be convulsions and coma even death from organ failure. Although this situation is rare, any small probability event falls on the individual; it's a 100% disaster; it's better to be more cautious.