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3 Pieces of Knowledge Of Tattoo Inks

tattoo ink

Jason Wang |

Same Brand Tattoo Inks Have Different Smells.

Many tattoo artists have doubts about the smells of tattoo inks, "why do different colors have different smells?" The reason is straightforward: various elements and ingredients make different colors of tattoo ink, different colors have other toners, and the smells must have differences. Black Tattoo Ink Therefore, different brands of tattoo inks have different smells. The explanation is that the different brands make tattoo inks with different toners and formulas. So, there is a big difference in essence; the taste must also be different.

tattoo ink setSmells Cannot Judge That Whether Tattoo Inks Are Bad Or Good.

When we are opening the bottles of tattoo ink, the smell will be more pungent suddenly because the bottles were in an airtight state. After time goes, the smells will be weak and weak. So it's not the fact that tattoo inks are expired or rotten. black tattoo ink

Different colors are different weights.

Because different colors are different toners, and the different toners are different weights, some tonners are light; some are heavy. Also, blenders are in the same situation as tonners. We can observe the differences through the toners. This is the normal condition in any brand colorant. This also explains why the bright colors are relatively thicker because they are all newly opened colorants. tattoo ink