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Is Fluorescent Pigment Safety or Not?

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Jason Wang |

Fluorescent pigment means that in a particular situation, the pigments will be shining under lights. However, most people misunderstand fluorescent pigment. There are two different definitions of it. One is called Luminous Pigment, which means the Luminous Pigment shines only in the dark environment, such as luminous pen, luminous ring, and some luminous toners. luminous pigment Another one is called fluorescent pigment. This one fluorescent pigment will be shined in UV light; we call it fluorescent phenomenons. Also, fluorescent can use in the tattoo. armtattoo First of all, the luminous pigment is called UV pigment; this kind of pigment hasn't been passing FDA certification until now. fda However, many tattooers made tattoo patterns with luminous pigment; why haven't they met any problem? The answer is quantity. Nowadays, tattoo artists only tattoo designs with few luminous pigments; they will not use them widely because everybody knows that the luminous pigments are not safe to tattoo. If you are saying, "the luminous pigments are 100% safe." It is wrong. According to the FDA records, they said, "the luminous pigments can cause diseases, such as skin cancer, blood problem and skin rotten." leg tattoo So you see this kind of luminous pigments in the market, FDA suggestions that whether you buy or not, just thinking about your health and other safety aspects, do not try it without any considerations. legs tattoo