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Is It A Normal Situation That My Tattoo Area Itches?

tattoo arm

Jason Wang |

When tattooers got new tattoo patterns, they will get itchy absolutely, which is a normal situation. Because the tattoo will destroy the skin of a human, then the body must repair the wound in the same way it would for a cut or scratch. While the skin is healing, inching will often occur. When a new tattoo pattern is invented, tattooers have to be taken care of after a few weeks to make sure that the treatment of the wound would be correct. If the other symptoms happened or bad itching, then it might be another problem. tattoo neck A complete tattoo pattern must process these time:
Convalescence (itching) > during (pain) > before (tension)
When itching happens, tattooers are complicated to conquer. Sometimes, they will think about why I did tattoos, why my body of tattoo is itching too much? tattoo body Skins of human beings have divided into multiple layers; the lowest layer of the epidermis is called the germinal layer, that vitality is powerful and continues to grow and reproduce. The germinal layer develops the shallow wounds of epidermal injury; nerves don't get stimulated; when this kind of wound heals, it usually does not feel itchy. However, if the tattoo wound is too deep in the dermis, the itching usually comes up because of recovery. According to the science records, if the dermis got damaged, the wound will be cured by new alternative organizational forms called connective tissue. When new blood vessels and new nerves grow up and connect to connective tissue, these new blood vessels and nerves are very dense. Then we all know that because of density, it will cause the feeling of itching. tattoo leg When itching happens, people will scratch with the hand consciousness; this is a bad idea. New tattooers have to let it go, do something else to distract the mind, focus on personal hygiene, avoid eating spicy and stimulating food, reduce drinking of strong tea and coffee, give up smoking and alcohol, and work and rest regularly. tattoo hand Scratching is really impossible, It's also really impossible to beat the itch. There is a better way to stop itching, which is " HEY, DADDY YOU SEE, I GOT NEW TATTOO NOW!!!" Then you will see how your daddy will do. :) :) :) :)