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4 Reasons Cause Coil Tattoo Machine Heating And Solutions

machine heating

Jason Wang |

During coil tattoo machine working, most tattoo artists usually meet the same problem: the coil tattoo machine is beginning to heat. So, how does it happen, and why does it happen? tattooing We have to make sure the coil tattoo machine is qualified, and then we should check whether the voltage is proper or not. Generally speaking, the voltage should be the best at 6V to 10V for a coil tattoo machine. In fact, different machines have different voltages, and some machines can be higher, and some machines can be lower. So, sometimes if the voltage is too high, the heating problem will be caused quickly. Wormhole Portable Power Supply Tp-5 The second thing is we have to use the “skills” when we are tattooing. For example, I will check the rubber bands whether it is too tightened or loosened, whether the needle is in the vertical position, and whether the needle and tip are fitted. These kinds of notes will cause excessive friction between needle and tip, and then the coil tattoo machines start heating. Tattoo Needles Round MagnumDuring coil tattoo machines working, why the coil tattoo machines are getting heating suddenly? tattoo gun kit If the coil tattoo machines are qualified, we have to consider about load factors of the coil tattoo machine. The load factors are from two main aspects. The first is the voltage in the unreasonable range; different motors have their rated voltage and rated power; the higher the power, the greater the load on the machine and the faster it will generate heat. tattoo power supplyAnother aspect is from the cartridge. In the set-up procedure, we have to check whether the machine has been assembled reasonably, the needle depth, and the hardness of silicone; if these procedures you haven’t checked, there may be differences in the size of its resistance. Excessive resistance will directly cause the motor to generate load during operation and generate additional heat. tattoo needles If your tattoo machine has more problems, visit this page to fix your tattoo machine problems.