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7 Fun body Piercings You Should Try Next


Jason Wang |

Body piercing is coming with you forever, but in comparison with tattoos, it is not many things. So, suppose you are considering getting piercings and have doubts about piercings' results. In that case, you always have a win-win strategy here! At that time, it was just an earlobe piercing, which gives us more different styles and flashes in our expressions. But now you have many options for body piercing, and they come from famous stars and professional piercers. A few years ago, they shared their new piercing designs, which significantly influenced social media. Many options can cause things messy; we are here to help you anytime. If you are looking for some cute and funny body piercing, please follow the topic below. Now let's get it to start!!!

Tongue piercing

Tongue piercings are pretty trendy, and the tongue is one of the best ideas for body piercing. Other things are including scrumper and frowny. A small stud or barbell is classic jewellery for tongue piercing. Although the piercing has different levels of pain, these sensitive and blood-rich areas are really painful. However, the result is deserved. I suggest you perform all disinfection and hygiene procedures during perforation and take care of your teeth to avoid oral damage or scratch, which finally decreases pain and increases a good piercing experience. removal tattoo

Navel piercings

If you like to pierce your bell, navel piercings are the best option. If you followed the correct aftercare procedures, the soft tissue in the navel makes it less susceptible to infections that can occur after a piercing. Different shapes, colours and designs of barbells and pendants are the most popular jewellery. So, if you are looking for a strange body piercing option, please do not wait; let's get the navel piercing today. navel-piercings

Helix piercings

Suppose you already have lobe piercings and still looking for more safety piercing options. In that case, helix piercings are the best body piercing option. Helix piercings may help you to increase the interest of your ears. These perforations are located right on the top curve of the ear cartilage and are usually quite painful. helix-piercings

Septum piercings

If you are looking for adventures, septum piercings are the funniest option for you. It locates in the middle of the face, attracting all attention. Septum piercings used to be just a double ball bull ring, but you can find any jewellery by yourself and wear it right now. septum-piercing

Auricle piercings

These perforations are very similar to the helix and are located in the lower area of the ear. It is mainly found in the curve of the ear, where the transition from the earlobe to the cartilage begins. Therefore, this combination of tissues requires additional post-care to heal the perforation without any possible infection. If you are looking for a bold personality piercing, the auricle is a good choice! A hoop or small pendant is ideal for piercing the auricle. ROOK PIERCING

Rook piercings

If you want to show off some double-headed jewellery, then rook wear is the right choice for you! It passes through the inner ridge of the ear cartilage. It gradually moves towards the centre parallel to the outer edge of the ear! These are other trendy adventure options for body piercings! Once healed, the range of jewellery options you can add is unlimited. rook-piercings Nose piercings This concludes the article about the most popular and diverse body piercing option-nose piercing! Let us assure you that you will never go wrong with a nose piercing! In most cultures, nose piercing is widely accepted. Whether it is a hoop or a stud. You can pierce your nose on any possible jewellery!