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5 Reasons to Understand about Tattoo Inks

tattoo inks

Jason Wang |

Tattoo failures are common. However, tattooing makes people exciting; you cannot imagine how disappointed and despaired a failure tattoo is. There are many reasons to cause bad tattoos; the most common sense is tattoo inks. Tattoo Inks Now, I will talk about some essential things about tattoo inks and check the tattoo inks before tattooing. In-depth knowledge of metals used in ink Reasons, This is one of the most important reasons, which cause tattoo failures. Tattoo ink has many ingredients. People always say that we need to spend more money on famous tattoo artists because their skills are extraordinary, and the products are the best. However, most people will pick up these tattoo artists, who have no such experience, have no information in their minds about tattoo inks, and still use these tattoo inks and do the injection, which influences skin rash and eczema. The list is endless, and we do not want you to suffer this pain. So, I will show you some main ingredients of tattoo inks.
  • Cadmium
  • Iron oxide
  • Cadmium
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Antimony
  • Beryllium
If your tattoo artist does not want to show you tattoo ink ingredients, you only need to ask them if the tattoo ink has these ingredients. In-depth knowledge of the colours of tattoo ink The above list applies to all colours. However, it is still recommended to ask for detailed information about each ink colour used in the tattooing process. A few commonly used ink colours and the ingredients used in them are: True black: black pigment, isopropyl alcohol, acrylic resin water, glycerin and witch hazel High white: acrylic resin, water, titanium dioxide Red: red pigment 210, pigment blue 15, glycerin, water, acrylic resin, isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel Light blue: titanium dioxide, glycerin, isopropyl alcohol, pigment blue 15, witch hazel, water Dark blue: acrylic resin, glycerin, pigment violet 1, titanium dioxide, isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel Orange: pigment red 210, acrylic resin, water, pigment orange 13, witch hazel. Yellow: Titanium oxide, pigment yellow 65, acrylic resin. These are some of the most standard colours and the ingredients used in them. However, the components may also vary depending on several colours, so you should know it and then do your research for maximum assurance. Understand the poison of tattoo inks Most tattoo inks have toxic ingredients, such as mercury. Because of the poison, when poison penetrates the skin, countless cases of people suffer from multiple diseases. Much evidence shows that red tattoo ink has more poisonous chemical materials, which cause significant bad influences on the human body. This is why you have to understand how inks are essential. Except for all, many people like to pick up vegans and organic tattoo inks, which are popular in the United States. Most tattoo inks are not vegan. The common ingredients of tattoo ink are beeswax, lanolin, cod liver oil, hoof gelatin, animal fat glycerin, etc.; they come from animals. So, if you are a vegetarian at all, you have to ask before tattooing. Learning more about offerings after tattooing We are suggesting that you have to take a shorter conversation with your tattoo artist. We understand how tattoo inks influence our bodies. Fading of tattoo inks A few tattoo inks will be fading faster than others. It occurs in lighter colours. But, it depends on the quality of tattoo inks. You should ask about the options of tattoo ink before tattooing. If you don’t want your tattoos fading in the next few months, I would like to recommend you radiant colors ink.