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How To Avoid Tattoo Ink Spitting Out During Tattooing?

tattoo ink spitting out

Jason Wang |

Many tattoo artists have the same problem, which is the ink spitting out. So, what is the reason causing the problem? Moreover, how can we solve it? Today, let us talk about it. The machines' frequency is not stable, and the tattoo needle is over depth.
During tattooing, if the machines' frequency is not stable, and the speed of needle working is too fast or too slow, they may cause the problem about ink spitting out if the needle is over depth, which will cause the same problem. So, the preferences of the machine must be appropriately adjusted.
The needle and tattoo tip are not matched.
Suppose the tattoo tips are too more significant, which will cause the ink to spit out effortlessly. The gap is significant between the tattoo tips and needle; then, when we are tattooing, the tips will spit out inks because of the vibration of machines and needle.
Whether it is suitable to bend tattoo needles.
When using traditional tattoo needles, we usually bend the tattoo needle for comfortable angles; the goal is to make sure the needle fits the tattoo tips closely. If we do not do that, it will cause the ink to spit out too. This is why in the one-piece needle, the highly tight needle is more likely to cause ink jetting.
Improper dilution of pigment
When we do the pigment dilution, Due to the deterioration of the adsorption of the pigment, it is easy to throw the pigment out with the operation of the needle during the stinging, thus forming the inkjet phenomenon.
tattoo ink spitting out Check the rubbers whether it is stable or not.
We usually use rubber bands to fix the tattoo needles in our work, especially when using the elastic film machine. In the process of fixing, the rubber bands are not fixed enough, and ink will be ejected. The insufficient fixation will cause the tattoo needle to shake and ink jetting. Usually, the fixing of our rubber band is more inclined to the side of the handle.
tattoo ink spitting out Wear of the pad pin plug and shock absorber ring
The wear and fall of the needle plug and the shock-absorbing ring will cause the tattoo needle to be unable to be fixed because these two parts themselves reduce the jitter of the tattoo needle. If it is ageing or damaged, it will jitter when it works naturally. This causes the ink jet phenomenon to occur. At this time, we only need to replace these two parts in time.
Whether the armature, shrapnel, and screw are consistent
Suppose the armature, shrapnel, and screw of the dome machine are not vertical three-point and one-line position. In that case, the tattoo needle will also shake during operation, causing the inkjet phenomenon to occur.
Whether the power is cut off and dipped in the color material
When we are dipping the colour, some tattoo artists stop the machine to dip the colour. Most of the colour you dip at this time is on the surface of the needle tip. In this way, it is easy to cause the inkjet phenomenon when tattooing.
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