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6 knowledges About Maintainance of Tattoo Machines.

Coil Tattoo Machine

Jason Wang |

What's the reason that the tattoo machines are noisy when they are working?
①Check the springs, whether if the springs are broken or not. ②Check the machines, whether if the machine is not used for a long time. Otherwise, you have to maintain the products. ③Check the machines, whether if the slider wear got damaged. ④Check the coil, whether if there is anything inside.
coil tattoo machine part name How long should the tattoo machine be maintained? What's the method to do it?
①If you have coil tattoo machines, the best suggestion is to maintain the machines if the working time is over 100 hours.
The methods are different, most procedures are :
disassembly the machines. ②Add lubricating oil.
coil tattoo machine How to make a judgment about whether a coil machine is in the best state?
①Check the machines, whether it has unnormal heating or not. ②Listening to the sounds when the machine is working, the normal sounds are crisp and smooth, with no noise. ③Space should be 2 to 3 mm. (armature bar bounces up and down and out of needle length) ④Check the power frequency, whether if it is too high or too low. ⑤Check the coil machines, whether if the armature bar and coil are balanced or not. ⑥Check the machines, if the screws whether tightening or not. ⑦Whether the screw fixing hole of the rear shrapnel, the contact rod, the black iron hanging needle rod, and the middle hole of the lock handle are on a vertical centerline.
Coil Tattoo Machine What is the situation if the motor machine sometimes got stuck on the skin? Sometimes the liner is a bit fading.
①Moving speed is faster than the motor's frequency. ②No understandings of machines.
Slow down moving speed ②Increase power voltage ③Exchange the soft rotary needles to solid rotary needles. ④Not enough inks on needles. ⑤Needle depth is not deep. ⑥Whether the skin is stretched or tight. ⑦Whether the needles are over-loose.
Coil Tattoo Machine Why there is no reaction when the coil machine gets connected with the power supply?
①Checking the hook wire, foot pedal, and power supply step by step, whether working nor not. ②Check whether the place that needs to be insulated. ③Check whether the copper wire of the coil is broken or not.
Coil Tattoo Machine What's wrong with the inkjet tattoo machine?
①Whether the needle is bent, and whether the needle and the tattoo tip are completely fit. ②Whether the needle and tattoo tip match. ③Whether the voltage is too high. ④Whether the needle is installed. ⑤ Is the needle bar fixed? ⑥Whether the performance of the coil machine is stable. ⑦Whether the needle hanging rubber plug is ageing and worn, and whether there is mineral content in the needle.