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3 Tips to Make More Visible White Tattoo Colour

white tattoo ink

Jason Wang |

How to make my tattoo patterns of white colour more visible? How to avoid the white colour becoming the yellow colour? What concerns we have to focus on? Today, I will show you some simple suggestions. The aspects of stick and poke. First of all, the essential thing is to control skin damage. Otherwise, you cannot make the perfect colours you want; even you used the tone of pigment is the best. So, when you are using white pigment, you have to pay attention, do not make white colours as a special pigment because the methods of stick and poke are the same as other colours. white tattoo inks Because when we first stick or poke white colour into the skin, the blood of capillaries can influence us to observe white saturation. During that time, we shouldn't /observe that whether the skin is white or not, we should concentrate on that whether the white colour has poked into the skin or not; if the skin has been attached with the white colour, we shouldn't keep tattooing the white colour. If we keep tattooing white colour, the final answer is "fading." The reason is straightforward when skin gets multiple damages in the same area. These areas will automatically form an unstable surface, which causes some parts of white colour to only attach to the recessed area. white tattoo inks The tattooers have to follow the suggestions from tattoo artists for the protection of tattoo areas. white tattoo ink In addition to preventing scabs or infections, it will cause unnecessary trouble for tattoo maintenance. Also, after the tattoo has been done, try to avoid direct sunlight for two months during the recovery process. white tattoo ink Because in the first two months, the tattoo's colour has not been completely stabilized in the skin, and the combination with the cells is not very good. If the ultraviolet rays in the sun are irradiated at this time, melanin will increase in the skin, which will cause the melanin to combine with skin cells and pigment particles, and the white colour will cause permanent darkening. Of course, it is white and other colours, but white will be more obvious.