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What Tattoo Kits Should I Buy?

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Learning to choose good tattoo equipment is not easy. There are lots of tattoo supplies you need to start your tattoo career. Your tattoo equipment must include a tattoo machine, tattoo foot pedal, power supply, tattoo needles, tattoo stencil, and fake skin. For saving time, I would like to recommend you buy a complete tattoo kit that includes everything essential. So how many kinds of tattoo kits do you know?

How many kinds of tattoo kits are there on market?

Coil tattoo gun kit

Tattoo machine kit Generally, a coil tattoo gun kit comes with one or two coil tattoo machines, some traditional tattoo needles, tattoo ink, a power supply, a foot pedal, stencil paper, and practice skin. By using electromagnetic coils, it allows the needle to move up and down. Most coil tattoo machines have double coils. Therefore, the coil tattoo gun kits you bought always come with machines with 2 coils. As for function, coil tattoo machines can be divided into liner machines, shader machines, and liner & shader machines. A liner machine is used for doing outlines, that’s why it is called a liner machine. The shader machine is for making shading. So a complete coil tattoo gun kit would include 2 tattoo machines, one liner machine, and one shader machine. You need to tune a coil tattoo gun before use, however, many tattoo beginners don’t know how to make it, therefore, they will want to return these items. Anyway, it’s not so wise to buy a coil tattoo gun kit for beginners.

Tattoo pen kit/rotary tattoo gun kit

wireless tattoo pen kit A rotary tattoo gun can be a tattoo pen or a rotary tattoo machine. Both of them are driven by an electric motor. For tattoo beginners, a rotary tattoo gun kit is easier to use than a coil tattoo machine kit. It is easy to set up and use for beginners. Just insert the needle cartridge, lock it, and adjust the needle depth. It includes a tattoo pen, foot pedal, power supply, tattoo ink, needle cartridges, and ink caps. The needle cartridges sizes are 3RL,5RL,5RM, 7RM, and 5M1, they are small sizes, and suitable for doing small tattoos. More tattoo artists and beginners are more likely to buy pen-style machines to be their first tattoo machines. The tattoo pen comes with different stroke lengths. Stroke lengths can vary from 1.8mm to 4.5mm. A stroke length of 1.8mm-2.5mm is called a short-stroke, 3.5mm is called a medium stroke, and 4+mm is a long stroke. A medium stroke is the most common one, which can be used for color packing and shading. A tattoo pen with a 3.5mm stroke can be compatible with all kinds of tattoo styles, especially friendly for tattoo beginners.

Stick and poke tattoo kit

stick and poke tattoo kit A stick and poke tattoo kit is much cheaper than a coil tattoo gun kit and tattoo pen kit/rotary tattoo gun kit. Stick & Poke is a method of tattooing. The tattoo process is the same as using a tattoo machine (gun), but the needle is hand-powered rather than electric. Fundamentally, hand poke tattooing is using a sharp point to deliver tattoo ink into one’s skin to leave a permanent mark. The method of getting inked is simple. There is no aggressive machine buzz or equipment. It generally doesn’t hurt as much as a machine tattoo either. This is because it’s less invasive and also means the skin heals quicker. Stick and Poke Tattoos are still REAL & PERMANENT Tattoos. Our goal with this DIY Hand Poke Tattoo Kit was to provide all of the needed and extra tattoo items for any skill level artist to be able to safely, cleanly, and properly stick and poke amazing tattoos. And our pen is made of aluminum, it’s different from the traditional hand poke kit. It is safer and more convenient, even easier to hold. A stick & poke kit just comes with a pen, 5 or 10 traditional tattoo needles, black tattoo ink, disposable glove, tattoo ink cups, fake skin, and thermal paper. But not every stick & poke kit comes with traditional needles. Wormhole Tattoo has got a new stick and poke pen, which allows you to use needle cartridges. Stick & poke kits are usually used to make small tattoos by beginners.

Can I buy tattoo kits online?

Some people think it takes a risk to buy tattoo equipment online for the delivery time is long, and sometimes it is hard to contact the supplier and get your product problem fixed. So it is very important to buy tattoo equipment from a reliable retailer. And buy tattoo equipment that has 12 month warranty. I would introduce the 4 best tattoo kits for beginners to start tattoos.

Reviews from 4 best tattoo kits

Tattoo Pen Kit with Cartridge Needles

tattoo pen kit This tattoo pen kit comes with a tattoo pen, needle cartridges, tattoo power supply, tattoo ink, small plastic caps, foot pedal, tattoo grip tape, fake skin, clip cord cover, and disposable gloves. This tattoo pen comes with a 3.5mm stroke length just like most tattoo pens do. Stroke length means the longest tattoo needle depth it can be tuned. This pen and power supply also have a warranty like 12 months, which is really nice for tattoo artists.

Complete Tattoo Pen Kit

Tattoo pen kit This is the most popular tattoo pen kit from wormhole tattoo. Almost every beginner tattoo kit includes the same accessories, tattoo pen, needles, foot pedal, practice skin, tattoo ink, power supply, and foot pedal. This black pen is also 3.5mm in stroke length. Beginners like this tattoo pen kit since this pen is a classical one. These 8 tattoo ink are basic pigments. You can create any color you want by mixing them up. The needles include round liner and round magnum.

Wireless Tattoo Kit with Wireless Tattoo Battery

Tattoo pen kit Wireless tattoo pen is more and more popular. This tattoo kit comes with 2 power supply, one dual power box and one wireless tattoo battery, so the pen can work as 2 modes, wireless and wired. The foot pedal is also quite different from other. It is stainless steel maple shape. It is very convenient to take this tattoo kit for a trip.

Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit for Beginners

stick and poke tattoo kit Stick and poke tattoo kit is simple and cheap. A bottle of ink, a stick and poke pen, stencil paper, and several ink caps are all the stuff you need to begin your first tattoo. Compare to a tattoo pen kit, a stick and poke tattoo kit is really cheap. That’s why more people still like it even though it seems not that professional. But you need to spend more time delivering the ink into the dermis layer since a stick and poke pen is not as powerful as a real machine. Which kind of tattoo kits do you like best? If you still can not make a decision, 4 Tattoo Kits Pros and Cons may help you better.