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The Ready Tattoo Pen

ready tattoo pen

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As one of the popular tattoo machines, wireless tattoo pens have various styles in recent 2 years. FK, CNC, and Mummy have produced many different wireless tattoo machines. Those tattoo pens have similar appearance and functions. Now wormhole Ready pen will launch soon. It's different from those you have seen on market. Many wormhole tattoo pen machines adopt coreless motors. The ready pen also uses a direct drive motor that can work fast, high speed, acceleration applications with fast starts and stops. Direct-drive motors are also called Lorenz-force motors and pancake motors. It is any motor — rotary or linear — in which the load is connected directly to the motor, without mechanical transmission elements such as gearboxes or belt and pulley systems. In other words, the motor directly drives the load.

Key features of the tattoo pen

tattoo pen

1. Coreless direct-drive motor

Every tattoo artist knows that the motor is the heart of a tattoo pen. The ready pen comes with a direct drive motor that can work powerfully and precisely. The coreless motor makes the tattoo pen work quietly, less noise. Moreover, it won’t heat up easily and has a long service life.

tattoo pen2. Aircraft-grade aluminum case

This tattoo pen body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Using aircraft aluminum significantly decreases the weight of the pen. Aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion, which is important in maintaining safety. It adopts CNC integrated carving process, which makes sure machine parts are wear-resistant.

3. Revolutions and voltage

The operating voltage of this tattoo pen machine is 14000 Revolutions Per Minute at 12 Volts. As a result, it offers tattoo artists long sustainable working time. Yes, you can easily keep it working for hours on end. Thanks to the heat temperature treatment, heat dissipation, and stable performance of this pen. Its output voltage is 4.5-12V. It can shade quickly even when it works at 4.5V. You can adjust the power by changing its voltage.

4. Ideal tattoo pen machine for delicate details

Ready tattoo pen works well with different styles of needles and cartridges. So, there are no limits when you are in the form of creating the best art. It also comes with a long stroke (4.5mm), so it is suitable for making dot work tattoos, traditional tattoos, and colorful tattoos. Moreover, you can extend the needle outside the tip for subtle accuracy and lining details. The CNC integrated carving process will make your tattooing experience a lot easier. Needle depth can be adjustable between 0–4.5mm. Wormhole Ready tattoo pen machine is an all-around performer and the best liner you can find on the market with all these features.

5. Wireless and wired operation

Wireless Tattoo Pen With the innovation in battery technology, wireless tattoo pens are gaining popularity due to their ease of use. It is no longer an option but a choice of all tattoo artists. This pen being wireless offers no wire-related issues and annoyances. You will not have to deal with the clip cord or pedal getting in your way of making art. As a result, this tattoo pen offers a peaceful and smooth working experience. There is no doubt about the liberation it has for tattoo artists. Moreover, its ability to last for hours will help you with your long sessions. This wireless battery charged fairly quickly and can be lasting well. It takes about 2 hours to charge from empty, however, with a capacity of 1200mAh, it can continuously work for 6 hours. Also, it comes with an RCA jack, so this tattoo pen can work as wired. When the battery was dead, you can replace the battery with the RCA jack. This lovely design is very friendly in case of the battery dead.

6. Tattoo pen grip

For the most part, this tattoo pen machine has an ergonomic grip, your finger will feel comfortable. Unlike other pens, it does not start hurting hands after some time of being used. Yes, the excellent compatibility with the hand and less weight will let you work without hurting your wrists. You can easily progress in your career without giving up in the middle due to wrist issues.

7. Less noise

Most of the tattoo artists who have been working for more than ten years are having ear problems now. It has been quite common for tattoo artists to wear hearing aids after some years down in their careers. It is because of the loud tattoo machines and the noisy buzzing sound the equipment makes. No matter how much the noise of tattoo machines is admired, it is badly harmful to human ears. It is high time that we let go of nostalgic sounds with the Wormhole quieter tattoo pen machine. This silent tool is peaceful when turned on and functioning.

8. The pen design

This tattoo pen is short and it looks like a missile. It is easy to disassemble so you can conduct deep cleaning sessions and unscrew the body to observe the internal mechanisms. You can also replace the accessories with the ones you like. The pen body is made o aircraft-grade aluminum. Anti-slip and groove design provides a comfortable feel.

9. What does tattoo artist Zero think about it?

“Even though this wireless tattoo pen (Ready Tattoo Pen) works gently, it also makes shading quickly. so it causes less skin damage and saves time. In other words, this tattoo pen is a nice choice for both tattoo beginners and professional tattoo artists.”- said tattoo artist Zero.

Wireless Tattoo Pen


Wireless tattoo pen is a new trend in the tattoo industry. However, many tattoo artists will worry about the reliability of a machine that uses a unique battery. Different from the traditional wireless tattoo machine, this Ready Pen comes with an interchangeable RCA adapter. Working as wireless and wired will make your tattoo easier, and less trouble.