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Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit WTK069 Performance Review


Jason Wang |

Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit in-depth review, and take an up-close look at this tattoo pen kit WTK069 right here from a company called WORMHOLE TATTOO. we're going to go ahead and take a look at all the contents up close so should you have any questions about anything that you may see or hear throughout this video. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (6) Direction with that being said let's go ahead and dive straight on into this, what I would like to begin is I would like to show you all the box up close, and then we'll take an up-close look at what's inside. So this is the website right here. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (7) you can see we are greeted with an assortment of different tattoo products here. It looks as though we have some inks right here, and again this is from wormhole if you haven't checked out their gear, I highly recommend you do. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (8) you can see we have some basic vibrant colours right here, we have whites blacks reds blues orange green yellow and purple. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (9) We have some adhesive wrap which is very great, it looks as though, it also comes with gloves which is an extra plus. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (10) We have tattooing needles, as you see right here, we have a standard five-round mag and we also have a standard five-round liner. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (11) You can see that we have the tattoo pedal, and it looks as though, we have a power supply, so it does look as though, we have a wormhole power supply as well, we'll take a closer look at that here shortly. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (12) There is a tattoo pen included as well. It is very nice. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (13) Over here, there is a piece of fake silicone skin along with some stencil paper here and a user manual. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (4) wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (14) It’s a good lightweight machine. I would say It’s fantastic for small dainty tattoos, fine lines etc. A very sleek tattoo pen, it's a universal size tattoo pen, so if you have small hands, medium hands or larger hands, you still should be able to use this machine, as it does have some length, and we can go ahead and build with adhesive wrap. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (15) This is what the wormhole cartridge looks like up close and again this is a five-round liner. We are going to tattoo with these here shortly, so this is the needle right here now. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (16) So smooth very good. I'm going to proceed to wrap the last of the gear, which is the tattoo machine, and then we can proceed to set up the ink caps. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (17) We have everything set up very simplistic straightforward user-friendly setup, we have all of the inks poured out. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (19) So let's open up the fake skin. The skin is actually very flimsy, the material is very nice. It has a silicone feel, and it is rather thin as you see right here, so this would be a good skin to practice needle depth. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (20) This machine does feel very lightweight. However, it's still doing. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (21) Right now, I'm running at eight volts even, and you can really see through that this tattoo pen really pushes this needle. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (22) You can see as I'm using the tattoo pen here, it does all of the above with no problems, feels kind of effortless as well, I'll say I don't have to go above and beyond. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (23) Let's go ahead and switch out the needle. Let's try a different colour here. we're going to see how that goes there, and right now, we're running at eight volts, so I'm just going to try everything with just a few voltages to kind of give us a good idea, i will lower the voltage here shortly to do some shading. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (24) This machine does have a nice amount of giving as well, so for those who have a heavy hand or are worried about blowing out, this machine has a nice amount of giving, which may help with the heavy hand situation. It's definitely lining just fine, what I want to do is I'm going to drop down to 6 volts to 5.5 volts to see if this machine is able to give us those sorts of results. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (2) I do feel like this machine will be capable of stippling, allow me to switch out to a black needle cartridge, and I'm going to try stippling with black ink here. wormhole-tattoo-pen-review-wtk069 (3) Conclusion So as you can see we are getting a nice working. It is capable of stippling, we can do stipple shading, and we can stipple shade. I'm sure we can achieve soft shading as well. I would give this Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit WTK069 right here a solid four or five stars easy because of the performance, because of what has included literally everything, that we need we don't have to go and get all of them. Individually we can get all of this in one, and go all the way from this tattoo pen kit. You can get the tattoo machine, the RCA cord, the power supply, the multiple inks, the foot pedal, the cables, the power supply and fake skin everything. Within one box here rather than having to buy everything separately, I would give this kit an overall four to five stars, the tattoo machine is really lightweight, but yeah it's still powerful, it can definitely tattoo on fake skin and human skin.