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What Determines A Tattoo's Quality?

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Can a tattoo be judged by the thickness of its lines? female tattoo Of course not. Not thickness! It is to measure the quality of the line. But the quality of the line (referring to the proper use of the line) is only a condition of a good tattoo, and it does not determine the quality of the tattoo. And the important proportions of each style line are different. tattoos The quality of a tattoo depends on its basic skills: Is the line smooth? Is the matte surface clean and symmetrical? Then, its aesthetics: for example, have the lines changed? Is the color matching advanced? Is the whole picture reasonable? The basic skills of tattooists who work hard will gradually improve, while aesthetics requires talent and acquired artistic training. plant tattooTattoo skills are mainly divided into painting and assassin. Painting depends on the talent and hard practice. Assassin is divided into comprehension and hard practice. There is nothing to say about painting, even if you are born to be incapable of painting, even a stupid person can paint well after ten years of practice. The stingers may be different. You may understand the skin at a certain point and suddenly understand it. Then there will be no obstacle to making the picture. But if you don’t understand it all the time, the voltage adjustment and hand speed must be adjusted continuously, but both There is no guarantee that it will be one year or two years, or five years and ten years. armtattoo1 So look at the level of this tattoo artist's stabbing work. On the premise that the works he shows you are really made by himself, even if only one picture is really good in the near future, you can ask him to do it because he finally understood. Those who can’t do it can only practice and make more pictures under the guidance of Master, constantly adjust the angle and depth of penetration into the skin, and make more summaries based on the characteristics of the skin of different parts of the human body. Sooner or later, they will realize it. Most people can't judge the painting level, because you can't see it yourself. Unless you have studied fine art seriously, few others have their own understanding of patterns, let alone aesthetics. Each person has an aesthetic view. The easiest way is to compare the level of detail, the relationship between light and shade, the color matching, and the finer the line thickness, the better his drawing level will be. Especially for those who can create original manuscripts by themselves, this kind of drawing level is relatively high.