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The latest version of "Girls Tattoos".

female tattoo

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The latest version of "Girls Tattoos" creative recommendation, highlighting individuality without losing the elegant creative patterns, are you ready? First of all, tattoos are now commonplace for girls. If you are ready for tattoos or are still hesitating about what patterns to get, come here and take a look. The main premise is written in the front. Generally, the tattoos are done from small parts at the beginning, but there must be a small number of tattoos directly on the arm. Being beautiful is important for girls, but large-scale tattoos are often accompanied by regrets. So this article is mainly about small size tattoos! female tattoo1 Wrist Girls like to wear jewellery, and bracelets are especially popular. A delicate or layered bracelet has also become a trend. This kind of feminine tattoo is hard to give a bad impression to others, and it will also have a delicate and delicate feeling. You can get a hand strap or a flower on your wrist. Colour tattoos are very popular recently, and they are very suitable to form a couple with small tattoos, which is very suitable for girls with cute personalities. For wrist tattoos, it is recommended to have clean and simple patterns, like words in a circle (it can be Slogan or initials or commemorative dates), or use small patterns as embellishments (like planets, stars, etc. that are very popular recently). They are all very small and cute. front arm tattoo3 In addition to the bracelet, the inner wrist tattoo is also a part that girls like to get tattooed. I recommend a few small and cute designs for girls who want to get a tattoo on the inner wrist. Some shape tattoos, or symbols with special meaning to you, are very good tattoo ideas. For girls who are trying for the first time, the smaller the pattern, the better. Hyuna, who has fascinated everyone recently, also has a series of smiley face tattoos in different colours on her wrist, which is very unique, you can have a try~ arm tattoo1 Arm The arm is also one of the most popular tattoo parts nowadays. Tattooing is to show off your personality boldly. Generally, the inner side of the forearm is the first choice. The skin area is large and flat, so the tattoo artist has more room to play. The combination of black and white, lines, and geometry is always the most classic, and it is also the tattoo choice with the lowest "regret rate". Of course, the popular thin-line realistic tattoos, whether in black and white or in colour, are the first choice for many people to get tattoos for the first time. front arm tattoo4 Does the lion who choose the small pattern to have both personality and attitude? In addition to roses, many colourful flowers are also girls' favourites. The temptation of such a romantic tattoo is really unstoppable. The inner side of the forearm is in a relatively low-key position. Many people choose to get the tattoo here for the first tattoo, but the skin here is more sensitive, so the tattoo will be more painful. Of course, any part of the arm is suitable for tattoos, especially for girls who are tattooing for the first time, the arms are the least painful to get tattooed up and down all over the body. In addition to the above-mentioned tattoo ideas, more and more people have tattooed their pets on their arms. Is it cute? arm tattoo For example, cosmic blogger Chiara Ferragni tattooed two lions symbolizing her and her husband on his arm and tattooed his son Leo on his hand after he was born. female tattoo9 Tattoos are not "handsome" or "rebellious", but a kind of commemoration of a certain moment, a person I love. Some people’s “prejudice” towards tattoos really needs to be changed. Fingers Finger tattoos are really cool! Many tattoo fanatics have tattoos on their fingers, but many tattoo artists believe that the fingers are the most painful part of the tattoo, and it is very easy to fade, so think twice when tattooing for the first time and looks like a girl on the finger. Couple/BFF rings finger tattoo The celebrities love to get a BBF exclusive tattoo with their girlfriends. Hailey Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin have their last names tattooed on the inside of the middle finger. For couples with personalities and attitudes, it is more meaningful to use tattoos instead of rings. This special symbol between two people is more meaningful. To tell the truth, couple of tattoos should be considered carefully! Think clearly! Think clearly! finger tattoo1 Exclusive patterns and symbols In terms of your favourite pattern or symbol, a tattoo is the most reliable. A good tattoo artist can fully understand your preferences and then transform the concept you want into a beautiful tattoo. Hyuna has a lot of small tattoos on her hands, like black and white, colourful lines, the letters A and H that represent her name, she is really delicate and confident. finger tattoo4 Yubo Chiara really got a lot of tattoos. Her pet dog and her own brand's big eyes are tattooed on her fingers, which are also very meaningful tattoo symbols. "Game of Thrones", in which Sansa actor Sophie tattooed the letter "g" on her finger to commemorate her grandfather. I believe many people also hope to commemorate their loved ones in this way. Clavicle/Back Clavicle tattoo Where is the sexiest tattoo for women? Of course, the clavicle tattoo is the number of tattoos, especially if the clavicle is very beautiful, you should try it. The collarbone is a pattern with long strips, such as a sentence, a flower, and two stitches connected together generally. This will lengthen the collarbone even more. But! It hurts, the closer you are to the bone, the stronger the pain will be. Flower tattoos have been very popular in recent years, and they are really exclusive to pretty girls. If you want to get the tattoo near the collarbone but are afraid of pain and like small patterns, I will give you some small patterns for reference. female tattoo6 Back tattoos The tattoos on the back are usually invisible except for wearing suspenders and halter outfits. For those shy girls who want to get tattoos all the time, consider it. Back tattoos are also unstoppable sexy. The spine tattoo requires courage, and skinny girls will look very beautiful. In addition to the back, shoulder blades, back shoulders, back neck and other tattoos, some interesting small areas are suitable for most people. Small tattoos are more delicate, so choose the picture you want to get and communicate with the tattoo artist carefully. Price is second, clean, safe, and effective are the most important. female tattoo Ankle/foot The parts that are particularly suitable for men and women are looming on the way, fashionable and undesirable. ankle tattoo The choice of pattern is particularly important. When tattooing, don’t listen to the tattoo artist telling which pattern will look good (similar to the hairdresser). If you don’t like it, you must resolutely Say No and choose slowly. In addition to the ankle, the instep is also a fashionable part in recent years, and those that want to be tattooed on the heel are also very popular. It’s normal for girls who want to get tattoos to get dazzled. It is recommended to choose a general direction first, such as text, pets, flowers, signs, travel-related, food-related, etc. Choose the general direction and then slowly pick the pattern, don't be impulsive! Private part Most of the private parts mentioned here are the ribs on both sides, the waist and the vicinity of the chest。 female tattoo5 I really like the tattoos on the ribs on both sides. Many supermodels have tattoos on this part. For example, card draw, Jourdan Dunn, Selena Gomez. The side tattoos are too strict for the waistline, and a little fat will not work. Only a tight and healthy body can have that sexy effect. The thigh is also one of the private parts. Chloe Grace Moretz, who gives the impression of a good girl, has tattoos on her thighs beside her side. Tattooing is also a major event, which is equivalent to a minor operation. Don't take it seriously. Good-looking tattoos can make us more confident and can also cover scars well. Of course, the tattoo artist is also very important. Tattoo Tips Finally, I will give you some tattoo tips. After all, this will last a lifetime, and it is not easy to wash off. Take a look at the precautions. First of all, You must think about getting a tattoo again. Don't be impulsive. Don't force the pattern you don't like, and don't like it at all. To fully communicate with the tattoo artist, a good tattoo artist can design your idea into a perfect tattoo. Pay attention to the sanitary environment of the tattoo shop. Gloves, lancets and other related utensils must be disposable. Therefore, tattoo shops that are too cheap should not try it lightly. After the tattoo, the maintenance must be followed by the tattoo artist. Generally, it is necessary to touch the special tattoo ointment or body lotion frequently, not to be exposed to the sun for a period of time, and to go through the difficult moulting period.