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How to distinguish the level of a tattoo artist?

Fangzi Liu |

What kind of tattoo artist do you need to make your own tattoo? Here, let's first discuss which of these tattoo artists can help you make tattoos, which is the price-performance ratio most people want. There are basically three levels of qualified tattoo artists. ARM TATTOO The first is that they have just passed the drawing level. Although they can’t design original patterns, they can make the patterns the same as the ones you bring. They are qualified as both stab and drawing. If the picture you want to make is searched on the Internet, and the picture you want to make is exactly the same or has not changed much, you can find this type of tattoo artist. The price is above the middle level.If you don’t need much painting skills or tattoo skills, you can classify them in this column. female body tattoo Of course, if the pattern shows that it is original, his level will be higher. Intellectual property is the most respectable thing in this era. The characteristic of the tattoo is a little redness (sometimes depending on the physique of the customer), which is basically the same as the original picture. It can be said that it is the most cost-effective one when you find the picture by yourself and take it to the tattoo shop. The condition of scab is moderate, and the recovery period is about 15 days. arm tattoo2 The second is that assassins and paintings are both at the upper-middle level and can individually tailor manuscripts for the guests. The price is higher than the first type because of the originality. There may be restrictions on the stabbing work. In order to ensure that the tattoo has no problem and every stroke is in place without error, the transfer is still necessary. Occasionally, if you are very familiar with the pattern, you can directly tattoo it on the skin. The recovery period is shorter, about 10 days, and the scab is moderate. This kind of tattoo artist has a certain experience in painting and stabbing. arm tattoo1 The third category is the master level. Most of the time, they don’t need manuscripts, and they can use the special tattoo pen to draw the draft directly on the skin. Of course, because tattoos are still mainly for customers, although such tattoo masters produce works, they are of high value and originality, but because there is no manuscript to create directly, occasionally customers are not satisfied. If you have an admiration for this tattoo master, have full trust, and have a sufficient budget, then you are very suitable to find this kind of tattoo master, it will be an unusual experience. There are many styles of tattoos that these masters can do. Sketch-style works are difficult because of the natural combination of the two basic ways of tattooing and making outlines. Magnum needles are used for shading, and round needles are used for outlining.