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6 Best Tattoo Pen Machine from Wormhole Tattoo

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You may have witnessed sudden advancements in tattoo machinery as a tattoo lover. When the first pen was introduced in making tattoos, it was a game-changer. It signaled growth and technological advancement in limited arts. The tattoo tools used to be bigger and take longer to complete. The advancements in tattoo making have come a long way since then. There are fewer hassles in creating body art with fewer complications due to reliable tattoo pens. These pens are portable, provide a long battery time, and make it easy to make tattoos with coreless motors. Furthermore, the perfect tattoo pen will eliminate stress from tattoo making and delivering the ink.

Tattoo Pen with Wireless Tattoo Battery

It is time to make art on human form with five levels of custom options with a coreless motor. The wireless tattoo pen comes with endless features. The following is just a gist:

Wireless tattoo pen


  • The pen comes in two modes. The artist can work with it while wired. However, it works perfectly wireless too.
  • The wireless tattoo power supply a battery of 12000 mAh capacity, which provides long-term use.
  • The power supply takes three hours to charge but works perfectly for six hours after. That is double the battery time.
  • The power supply is connected to a 6-11 volts battery for optimal performance.
  • The motor will work to balance the wireless tattoo pen There is no need to apply the foot to the pedal for the pen to run.
  • The wireless tattoo power supply is chargeable with a type-C cable. It makes it easy to travel with a secondary battery so you can tattoo all day.
  • The tattoo pen arrives with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The pen is easy to install, too, in just four steps while accommodating custom needle depth.
  • The tattoo tool comes in black, red, gunmetal grey, and deep pink.
  • The final package includes a wireless tattoo pen, a power supply, a clip cord, and a type-C charge cable.

Customer reviews

“This review is coming from someone with no tattoo experience. As someone with terrible drawing skills, tattooing with a wireless pen has been very helpful. The weight is evenly distributed. It is steady to hold and provides versatile use. The pen has significantly improved my talent regarding doing tattoos.” Thomas “The pen is truly an extension of my hand without feeling overbearing. The tattoo pen does not weigh much nor gives out a strong vibration. It stays perfectly balanced while I draw. The charging time is exceptionally user-friendly, and the pen is straightforward to use.” Chris W

Wireless Tattoo Machine with Wireless Battery

Since everything is going wireless now, why not tattoo tools? Let's discuss a wireless ink pen with a wireless battery; two-fold benefits at reasonably priced. But, wait, further advantages include:

Wireless tattoo pen


  • The wireless pen is created from aluminum primarily used in aircraft construction. The tattoo pen arrives with an integrated system that makes it strongly resistant to scratches.
  • The tattoo pen is straightforward to use and transportable with a portable power source.
  • The pen adapts quickly to the coreless motor, which further boosts the performance of the tattooing It can last up to 3000 hours.
  • The tattoo pen comes with a warranty of one year from the manufacturer.
  • The coreless motor rotates at 9000 RPM.
  • The power supply is a 1200 mAh capacity of 6-11 volts. The battery will keep the pen operable for six hours against a three-hour charge time.
  • The wireless pen comes with a type-C charging cable which makes it easy to transport. Add it to the luggage or carry-on to draw anywhere.
  • The drawing tool comes in black, red, gunmetal grey, and deep pink.

Customer reviews

“The tattoo pen is perfect for beginners. However, professionals can use it too to enjoy extensive features in detail. It is a lightweight wireless tattoo pen that makes it easier to draw complicated designs than traditional pens. The ink does not skip, and the tattoo is complete quicker with fewer distractions.” Matthew H. “The wireless ink pen has been working perfectly since I purchased it. The battery lasts for seven hours, and it does not over-heat. I can draw on clients quicker, resulting in an increased return on investment. No complaints here.” Meadow R.

Wireless Tattoo Machine

We introduce you to a secret arsenal in the tattoo artist drying kit. It is more silent than an electric toothbrush and sturdier than aluminum. It is a wires tattoo machine with the following features:

wireless tattoo penFeatures

  • The final packaging includes a wireless tattoo pen, power supply, an RCA clipboard, and a Type-C charging cable.
  • The wireless tattoo machine eliminates the outdated method of putting pedals to the metal to run the motor. Now you can charge and tattoo
  • The wireless tattoo machine is excellent to travel with too. It will fit snuggly between clothes. The design does not take much space in the luggage.
  • The wireless tattoo machine comes with a type-C cable for easy charging. However, you can purchase a backup separately to eliminate reliance on charging.
  • The battery will last up to 6 hours with 3 hours of charging. Its 12000 mAh capacity is designed for hours of tattooing.
  • The coreless motor rotates the pen at 10000 revolutions per minute at eight volts.
  • The needle depth is adjustable 0-4mm alongside a 3.5 mm stroke length.
  • The wireless tattoo machine is expected to provide 3000 hours of use in its lifetime with its wear-resistant and durable internal mechanism.
  • The tattoo tool comes in black, red, gunmetal grey, and deep pink.
  • The tattoo pen can be exchanged or returned within 15 days of the delivery date.

Customer reviews

“The wireless tattoo machine is the perfect baby step if you get into tattoo drawing. It is manufactured with excellent-grade aluminum, yet surprisingly lightweight too. The coreless motor silence does not make any noise. It is easy to turn off and on too. Need I go on?” Harris E. “I was a bit hesitant when the wireless tattoo machine with the coreless motor arrived on my doorstep. However, I purchased it since my tattoo artist recommended it. I have to say she was right. The purchase has made me a lot happier as a first-time tattoo drawer.” Cathy U.

Cordless Tattoo Machine with Tattoo Battery

Are you struggling to find a tattoo machine that does not stop working during tattooing? We present the solution to all of your problems, whether you are a beginner or a professional tattoo artist.


  • A coreless motor that will last twice its charging was not possible until now. The cordless tattoo power supply will last over six hours with a three-hour charging time.
  • The wireless tattoo machine has been manufactured with highly durable aluminum. It is scratch and abrasion-resistant. However, don’t go dropping it willingly!
  • The tattoo machine comes with one year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The cordless tattoo machine is available in red, black, grey, and pink colors.
  • The final packaging will include the wireless pen, a power supply, a clip cord, and a charging cable.
  • The tattoo machine comes with a type-C charging cable, making it easy to charge anywhere. You can even take it with you while traveling.
  • The coreless motor will rotate at 10,000 RPM with eight-volt energy. The tattoo pen is expected to provide more than 3000 hours of drawing over its useful life.

Customer reviews

“The tattoo machine is constructed from high-quality material. You might guess it is heavy because of the aluminum, but it is very lightweight and easy to operate. The 12000 mAh battery will provide lifetime assistance on drawing art on the human body form.” Natalia M “I received a defective product which was a huge letdown, so I contacted customer support immediately. The tattoo machine was instantly replaced without any complications. Best of all, the battery runs for a lifetime. However, a secondary battery is still advised.” Melissa G

Cordless Tattoo Pen with Wireless Tattoo Battery

Does the cable cord seem to get in the way each time you do tattoos? It must be very annoying if you are a tattoo artist. The solution is a cordless, wireless pen that will eliminate outdated machinery. Here is why:

wireless tattoo pen


  • The wireless tattoo pen is available in pink, red, black, and grey colors.
  • The tattoo pen is created with highly durable and long-lasting aluminum used in aircraft construction. It will undoubtedly facilitate the artist in holding and drawing with the pen.
  • The wireless battery will last six hours after being charged for three hours. Furthermore, it is expected to accommodate 3000 hours of drawing over its lifetime.
  • The coreless motor rotates at 10,000 revolutions per minute with a depth of 4 mm with six to eight volts.
  • The pen will eliminate the need for an operating motor and pedal to easily hold the device while tattooing at challenging sports.
  • The wireless tattoo power supply is easy to travel with its type C charging cable. Put in your luggage, and you are good to go!
  • The wireless power supply comes with a 1200 MAH battery to accommodate long-time drawing without ink skipping.
  • The CNC system in the carving process makes the tattoo pen resistant to unusual wear and tear.

Customer Reviews

“Thanks to the coreless motor and the wireless tattoo, I can complete my tattoos perfectly without ink spattering. The pen is very lightweight and easy to hold. It almost feels like I am drawing with my finger without a cord that would always get in the way.” KJW “The tattoo pen disperses depth evenly, which is its most helpful attractive feature. The pen is quiet and does not hit the skin hard as some pens do. Furthermore, my clients have been delighted with the painless experience. I am getting repeat customers more than ever.” Ian J Tattoo Pen Machine with Coreless Motor The last drawing tool is a hidden gem. The coreless motor has been researched and tested for smooth ink deliver to all skin types. Continue reading to learn about the secret component which makes it so reliable.

tattoo pen


  • The exterior of the tattoo pen is created with durable aluminum, which makes its use long-term.
  • The real feature is the direct driver motor built inside the tattoo pen. It will provide service for well over 3000 hours over its timeline.
  • The coreless motor rotates at 14,000 revolutions per minute with 12-volt energy. The voltage may vary depending on the artists’ drawing style.
  • The wireless tattoo pen is perfect for light shading across the tattoos. It will magnify the minute details drawn by the artist.
  • The final packaging includes a tattoo pen and an RCA clip cord.
  • The tattoo pen arrives with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The pen is available in black, red, grey, and pink colors.
  • The motor inside the pen is a direct driver motor. It does not contain commercial mechanisms such as gearboxes, pulley systems, and belts. The motor directly sustains the energy load.

Customer reviews

“A wireless pen is a secret tool for professional drawing and coloring. The machine will facilitate every step of drawing tattoos. It is worth the price, so do not think twice before clicking Add to Cart. It has become my favorite drawing tool very fast.” Tony W “I have used the pen a few times, but no complaints so far. The rotary is excellent, and the pen is reliable thus far. It seems to be better than my purchases in the past, so I am hopeful. However, against the price, I can’t complain too much.” Robin H

Which tattoo pen will you purchase?

We shall keep it brief. The above-mentioned wireless tattoo pens with coreless motors will suit your tattoo skills perfectly. However, you may still have questions, comments, and queries as an aware customer. You may leave a comment below or directly communicate with the manufacturer through their website or email.