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4 Tattoo Kits Pros and Cons

wormhole tattoo

wormhole tattoo |

You may be confused by the various tattoo kits on market. Which tattoo kit or tattoo gun should I start with? And what tattoo ink to use. For beginners, it is difficult to choose a qualified tattoo gun from so many tattoo brands. A tattoo beginner kit must include essential tattoo accessories, a tattoo gun/pen, tattoo ink, fake skin, foot pedal, and stencil paper. Here are a selection of tattoo art beginner kit reviews from tattoo artists. Tattoo Beginner Kit Review from Tattoo Artists

1. What are the pros and cons of tattoo kit for beginners?

Tattoo Pen Kit

Pros of tattoo pen kit

It is one of the most popular tattoo kit at wormhole tattoo supply website. 2 thick practice skins in this kit. The thick the fake skins, the better to tattoo for beginners. Generally, the kind of, the thinner practice skins, they're a lot harder to tattoo. So choose a tattoo kit with thick practice skin. The pen in this tattoo kit is a pen with a coreless motor which is powerful. The tattoo pen body is produced in aircraft-grade aluminum making it extremely durable despite its lightweight. And a box of mixed-size needle cartridges. The tattoo ink in the tattoo kit is the basic color, you can create a new color by mixing them up. you gonna want to get some additional supplies so that you can keep things sterile. One pair of gloves, grip tape, and a bunch of ink caps, got a couple of different sizes, which is good. 2 tattoo grip tapes are enough for quite a few tattoos in there.

Cons of tattoo pen kit

However, if you're gonna be tattooing people, you're gonna have to buy some extra stuff, like tattoo ink. If you're just tattooing practice skin, then you had better not use the ink in this tattoo kit. In other words, the inks are not made to be used on human skin! On practice skin, they're fine.


“So the machine's pretty light. It's like 120 grams. It feels good. It doesn't feel flimsy. Like, it's all metal and stuff. There's no plastic on it, which is cool. And according to the site, it does come with a 12-month warranty, which is pretty good. Considering like, you know, a lot of people will complain, like, when they buy, like, a tattoo machine or whatever, it breaks really quickly. But, yeah, if you've got a 12-month warranty, then hopefully the tattoo kit should work for long time.”

2. What is the pros and cons of dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit

Complete Tattoo Kit

Pros of tattoo gun kit

This is the most popular tattooing kit on Amazon. It's Amazon's choice. And it's also the cheapest tattoo kit I could find. disposable grips rubbery sort of end on it. It's a bit squishy, which is gonna be more comfortable to hold. Bunch of spare parts, you know, rubber bands, Allen keys, grommets, stuff like that. Massive ink caps, so you're definitely not gonna need ink caps this big. This tattoo kit comes with 10 colors. So just like your basic primaries and a couple of extras, Immortal ink. So with the gloves, it's fine to reuse this when you're doing practice, again, just to not get ink on your hands and stuff.

Cons of tattoo gun kit

It says on the inks that it's compatible with EU code, Whereas, on this Amazon listing, they don't actually say don’t use on actual skin, cause I imagine that would hurt sales a lot. The ink in it is more designed just for practice skin. 2 stainless steel grips come with this tattoo kit. If you're using a steel tip, and even if you replace and you use a disposable tip for the grip, then you know, if you use it on a bunch of people, it's like a health risk, and it's not super hygienic. I would definitely recommend only using these for practice skin. I don’t think a tattoo artist would use them for actual real people unless you have an autoclave and you can sterilize the grips. Also the practice skin, it's like a millimeter thick. So we're not actually gonna use this practice skin just because even using like a really expensive machine, it's hard to do a good tattoo on really cheap practice skin.


“These machines, either they come with these 10 wrap coils, so they're not the most powerful, but they shouldn't be super flimsy either. Cause it's like a middle of the range. With coils, it goes 8, 10, 12. Having been a tattoo artist many years, coil machines have done a number on my ears.”

3. What is the pros and cons of Mast Tattoo Pen Kit?

mast tattoo pen kit

Pros of the tattoo pen

This tattoo pen also uses a coreless motor. For making super tiny tattoos or micro tattoo, microblading, this tattoo pen will work as it should. It is for beginner to tattoo on fake skin. It is just okay to start with tattoos. And the pen comes with a 3.5mm stroke length just like most tattoo pens do. This looks cheap and is affordable since it just has a tattoo pen, needles, power supply, and foot pedal. This tattoo pen is also small and lightweight. Coming with 30 needle cartridges, you can use it to make few tattoos. Like what a tattoo pen does, it takes 3 seconds to change needles. It's shorter than other pens, shorter than a pencil.

Cons of the tattoo pen

As for the rating, it may be 6/10, cause it is not powerful enough, even though it says it has a coreless motor. And this kit doesn’t come with any tattoo ink, practice skin, or stencil paper. It has no extra stuff. If you want to practice tattoos you will have to buy lots of stuff.


" It is not the choice for a tattoo beginner. It will cost more than a complete tattoo kit if you have to buy tattoo ink, caps, and fake skin separately. It is just fine if you happen to have these extra stuff.”

4. What are the pros and cons of the Rotary Tattoo Gun Kit

Tattoo Pen Kit

Pros of this tattoo kit

As you see in the picture, this tattoo pen kit comes with black and red tattoo ink, ink caps, stencil paper, and fake skin. It is just okay for beginners to tattoo on fake skin. The tattoo kit also comes with a coreless motor, running like butter, and its body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum making it durable. It is about the length of a pen or pencil, but really fat. The size is good for huge hands. Practice skin is thicker than others, it says the skins are 3mm thick, which is friendly for beginners. The power supply in it is really nice and small. Any beginner would be happy with this. It has the liner shader and you can adjust if you want to switch between the two machines which are really nice. This tattoo pen also has a warranty of 12 months, which is really nice for tattoo artists.

Cons of this tattoo kit

2 Tattoo ink in it, even though this tattoo ink seems to be more qualified than others, I still don’t recommend you to use it to tattoo on people's skin. You’d better buy more professional tattoo ink. It has only 4 size needle cartridges, like 3RL, 5RL, 5RM, 7RM, these needles can only be sued for small tattoos, but I think it is just fine for beginners to get started tattooing.


“Runs very smooth. Almost can't feel it running. great gun to carry and go. if you are just beginning this would be perfect as everything is simplified.”

What Tattoo kit Will You Start With?

Although there are various tattoo kits and tattoo brands, they are almost the same. The most important is to choose a reliable tattoo pen and tattoo brand. I would like to recommend one that comes with a long warranty and has a qualified tattoo pen. For beginners, a tattoo kit that includes thick fake skin and essential stuff (such as tattoo ink, caps, practice skin, ink caps, and stencil paper) is the right way to start with.