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The parents used tattoos to tell us what love is

honey-rae's family

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Today I want to share a very kind-hearted story with you.

A pair of parents copied their child's birthmark onto themselves through tattoos, which may sound a bit strange. But for them, there are reasons to have to do so.

Mom and daughter

The little girl is called honey-rae. She was born with a huge birthmark. At that time, she was in a critical condition and had difficulty breathing when she was born. She was also taken to a special care room.

Her mother Tanya said that she will never forget the scene when she first saw her baby: "When I went to see her, she was lying in a small incubator, my heart was broken, when I knew that my child will leave a permanent birthmark for the rest of my life, I cried."

The strawberry birthmark on honey-rae covers almost half of the right side of the body, from the toes to the lower back. These birthmarks have not faded over time, but on some days they will become darker.

Although birthmarks are not dangerous, Tanya knows that this may have a huge impact on the rest of her daughter's life.

In the first few months of the baby’s birth, every time the family went out together, they ensured that the daughter’s legs were covered. I don’t want others to feel sorry for honey-rae." Tanya explained this.

Dad and daughter

Tanya's worries are present and reasonable. In fact, they actually encountered this problem during a later trip.

In the summer when Honey-rae was less than one year old, the family took her to go shopping. The little girl was wearing shorts and sandals. At checkout, an old couple whispered while staring at the little girl’s birthmark.

"I was upset at the time. This was the first time I took her out without covering her legs. This confirmed my worries and fears. People will become cruel without consciousness.If adults can make her feel so uncomfortable, then I cannot even imagine what the children in the school will do to her.

Tanya and her husband adam phillips decided to do something about it to ensure that their daughter don’t feel different.

"We know that we must do something so that she can know and understands that she has been deeply loved by others."


So they thought of tattoos and re-engraved their daughter's tires. Although the tattoo process is painful, it is incredibly painful. But for parents, every second of pain is worth it.

"After the tattoo was restored, I showed my legs to my daughter. She gently touched them while pointing at her legs and said they matched. Sometimes she touched my husband’s legs and then touched her birthmark. Then I st

arted giggling, I really can't be happier than this."

Tattoo with love

Since the birth of her daughter, Tanya and her husband have been telling her that you are beautiful and kiss her often. For this birthmark tattoo, it also carries the same meaning-love.

As she said herself, “Some people think it’s weird, we think we’re doing extreme things, but in our opinion, everything we do is to make sure she never feels different or feels I am alone. Because mom and dad now have the same mark as her."


This is really touching, love someone, is it not to make him feel lonely? Birthmarks may cause inconvenience to life, but the power of love is very powerful.

Bless this little girl can grow up happily in the light of love!