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Are all tattoo fonts called Chicano? You don't know anything about flower fonts!


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Font tattoo is considered an independent art, with many different letters, layouts, and designs. font tattoo According to the origin of writing, the font can be traced back to the Phoenician era, and its development is complex and fascinating. The earliest Western culture originated in Greece. At first, the Greek city-states used different letters. By the 4th century BC, the Phoenician alphabet was uniformly used, a total of 24 letters. The Phoenician alphabet appeared in 1000 BC and evolved from the original Canaan alphabet. The Hebrew alphabet, Arabic alphabet, Greek alphabet, Latin alphabet can be traced back to the Phoenician alphabet. Phoenician letter spread The Greeks called Canaan as Phoenician. Canaan was translated into Phoenician in Greek, which means "fuchsia" in Semitic, and originated from a fuchsia dye produced locally. The Phoenician civilization has a profound influence on the Aegean civilization. The Greek alphabet is derived from the Phoenician alphabet. phoenician alphabet However, when we talk about font tattoos, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic Chicano style! What I want to say is that not all tattoo fonts are called Chicano fonts! Chicano style, font style follows the Mexican-American art movement. Chicano letters are commonly used in tattoos, graffiti, and other font designs. font tattoo Like many art movements, aesthetics and techniques can be used, but the uniqueness of this tattoo style lies in the culture and history behind it. Chicano art has a strong philosophical and political heritage. With the history of militants such as Francisco Madero and Emiliano Zapata, from the Mexican Revolution to the Pachuco culture in the early 1940s, even farther. Socio-political artwork and behavior have had a huge impact on modern Chicano tattoos. font tattoo Pachucos appeared in El Paso, Texas, as a group of Chicano youths influenced by African American culture and the city's "cannabis cat." Later it spread to Los Angeles throughout the Southwest and developed further there. In 1943, this movement reached its climax, which was caused by the riot caused by the death of a young Latin American in Los Angeles. This does not seem to matter to the background of Chicano's tattoo style, but it is not the first time, nor the last time, the expression of culture is suppressed. As we all know, this conflict led to arrests to a large extent, and arrests are often a byproduct of xenophobic social forces against immigrant people. This political turn will directly affect Chicano's aesthetics. font tattoo The arrested prisoners took advantage of their creativity to produce a tattoo machine by themselves in the prison and used the black or blue ink they could use to depict what they knew best. Like most people who are obsessed with tattoo art, this process is used to express themselves and show an affinity for the closest things. The Chicano font is derived from Mexican prisoners who do not want to be seen by the guards with secret codes on their bodies! Then it became an artistic style inherited today. font tattoo Are English fonts all Chicano? This is incorrect! ! Simply put, the swash font is a cool English word tattoo. But there are many types of fonts, not all fonts are called Chicano! font Next, I will give you some popular tattoo fonts! font 1.Script Script, which most people call a continuous sketch, mostly uses soft curves to form letters. font tattoofont tattoo The lines are soft and soft, and most of them are isolated lines. The trend of the patterns is very similar to our current exposure to English. Therefore, more consumers can accept Script. font tattoo font tattoofont tattoo The soft style is not only suitable for women, but also for men. font tattoos font tattoo The script can be soft or stiff. And its softness can be adjusted, too soft, not suitable for boys? Then you can adjust the thickness of the font and the softness of the lines, perfect! font tattoo font tattoo Do you want a fuller visual effect? Easy! font tattoo font tattoo In addition, it can be designed at will, with a versatile style. font tattoo font tattoo 2.Gothic Gothic, as the name suggests, is Gothic. Also known as Blackletter. It is mostly bold with angles, and the lines are relatively hard, mostly with straight lines. font tattoo font tattoo Originating from Gothic fonts, it has preserved the original writing and has been used in the long history of history. It is very classic. font The Gothic "Textura Quadrata" font became popular in the 13th century and did not become obsolete until the Renaissance. Font In the 1450s, Gothic became even the first printed engraved typeface, such as the "Gutenberg Bible". The variant font "Gothic Textura Prescisus" no longer uses angled pens but uses flat pens. Font If you see any manuscripts written in Textura Quadrata, you will find that the thick and heavy brush strokes give a dark overall feeling. Vertical straight lines and narrow spacing give Textura Quadrata a unique style. Font The picture below is from a gospel transcribed by a British scribe in the early 12th century. Font Script is difficult to distinguish, but it also has its appeal. The style is hard enough, strong enough, big enough, and big enough to explode! The details of the font tattoo design can be seen when the area is large. font tattoo font tattoo font tattoo font tattoo You can also combine the two. font tattoo font tattoo font tattoo font tattoo 3. Dark Lettering In recent years, in addition to the above two types of more traditional flower bodies, the font, as a black horse, has also broken into the vision of font tattoo lovers. font tattoo font tattoo The dark font is also the most incomprehensible font. Because this is not something that ordinary people cannot understand! font tattoo Based on the principle of darker, more chaotic, more exaggerated, with a messy spider web, dark fog and crescent, to produce a stronger visual impact. font tattoo font tattoo font tattoo font tattoo As a niche style in tattoo fonts, most of the dark lettering tattoo artists who have entered the circle have faced the same problem and have no good business. font tattoo Therefore, I admire the courage of Dark Lettering tattoo artists. However, as long as you are proficient in the tattoo technology of this font, you can easily start a business and make money. font tattoo In recent years, everyone also likes to put dark floral lines on their fingers. font tattoo SANS SERIF FONT This typeface has no extra decoration, only a backbone with consistent stroke thickness, simple and powerful design, and is mostly suitable for media such as headlines and advertisements. imple words font tattoo font tattoo font tattoo Handwritten The most important feature of handwriting is the casual sloppy. Each handwriting has a unique style and strokes. Some prefer the clarity between words, but some people also love personalized handwriting fonts. font tattoo Putting the handwriting of the person who is important to yourself on the body, is there anything more romantic than this? font Most handwriting pursues soft strokes to create a sense of lightness. Handwriting is suitable for short-sentence tattoos. The shorter it is, the more it can pierce the texture of handwriting, and the more relaxed it can be. font tattoo So handwriting fonts are common in some words and short sentences. There is a "fairy" feeling! font tattoo Different people will choose different font tattoos to highlight their unique style. In terms of hobbies, men prefer Gothic, while women love handwriting. Of course, if you like each one, you can tattoo these fonts on your body! font tattoo font tattoo