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The differences between tattoo machine and permanent makeup machine

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If you often get tattoos you may notice that tattoos also can be done in some beauty salons. But you never found out the machine they use is not a tattoo machine but a permanent makeup machine. Coil tattoo machines There is a big difference between the two. However, many people do not understand this situation. Some people may even ask why the permanent makeup machine cannot replace the tattoo machine. Some tattoo students may be also doubtful. coil tattoo machines Generally speaking, motors in tattoo machines are made specifically for tattoos. They have fast speed and strong force. The motors of permanent makeup machines are far from meeting the requirements that tattoos need. Their power is weak and the speed can not meet the demands that we need. The difference between permanent makeup machines and coil tattoo machines is even obvious. coil tattoo machines

First, their working principles are different.

The permanent makeup machines use motors to drive the eccentric head. Rotate the horizontal transmission shaft through the eccentric head of the motor shaft. The transmission shaft moves up and down to drive the needle to work up and down. Limited by motor, the permanent makeup machine has limited torque and does not have excellent elasticity. Tattoo pen The tattoo machine uses the electromagnetic coil to make the armature bar move up and down. The spring has strong elasticity and fast speed Self-adjusting according to skin elasticity There is also a difference in strength. The maximum voltage of the permanent makeup machine is 6V. In addition, it needs a transmission shaft to drive when working, so it has already consumed some of its own strength. The electromagnetic coil of the tattoo machine can work in the voltage range of 3-15V. The direct effect of high voltage operation is a high speed and high torque. What's more, it has a spring design, the power is stronger than the permanent makeup machine. There is another difference in speed. The permanent makeup machine is known to have a maximum rotating of 3000-6000RPM. Tattoo machines' rotating speed varies according to different types. It varies from 6000 to 15000RPM. Rotating ​​means the frequency of the motor running in unit time. coil tattoo machine

Finally, the density of color is different.

The permanent makeup machine is based on the eyebrow skin or lips as the background color. Therefore, high-density coloring is not required when shading. Good eyebrow design has lightness and darkness and a three-dimensional sense. And densely coloring will only cause a stiff and dull feeling. In addition, the brow and lip mucosa tissues are weak, therefore, the permanent makeup machine does not need high speed and high torque at the beginning of the design Tattoos' requirements are different from the eyebrow. Tattooing on human skin requires high-density coverage. On the contrary, the situation of reverse osmosis will appear, commonly known as "white spots" New_Design_Coil_Tattoo_Machine So why is speed related to density? Let's do an experiment. Suppose we are using two needles to penetrate the skin at the same time in the same unit area. The permanent makeup machine runs 2000RPM, there will be 6000 pinholes within 1 minute if we use a 3RL needle. A tattoo machine runs 20000RPM. There will be 60,000 pinholes within 1 minute if we also use a 3RL needle. The density of 6000 pinholes and 60,000 pinholes, their difference are very obvious. We all understand what the situation is. At this time, you may say: "I only need to make the permanent makeup machine work 10 times to achieve the same effect." But how can you guarantee every penetration penetrates into the skin that has never been pierced when the permanent makeup machine works the 2nd time. tattoo machine Then about 40% of them are penetrated into the skin that has been pierced before. For the third time. the percentage is higher. Such accumulation can only completely erode the skin. And it never reaches the density of tattoo machines. High frequency and high density can greatly reduce the pain of the guests. Large torque penetrates the cuticle of the skin faster and makes it easier to color. A tattoo machine can drive up to dozens of stitches to work at the same time. It is impossible for the permanent makeup machine to achieve this power