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How do you do tattoo shading?

tattoo shading

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Why do we fill a tattoo by shading? Because distinguishing the depth and lightness in a pattern can show the three-dimensional feeling of the pattern, and can make the level of the pattern. Only in this way can a pattern be completed.

What are the methods to fill tattoos?

Flower tattoo

The first method--let the needles penetrate the skin from deep to shallow.

When we are tattooing, we use our fingers as the axis and then fill the tattoo in the direction of deep to shallow. In this situation, the needle is arranged in depth from deep to shallow. The places where needles penetrate deeply are darkly colored. The place where the needles penetrate shallowly is lightly colored. Flower tattoo But this method requires two technologies as support. One is that the machine must have a high rotating speed, and the other is that the machine can move quickly. If the rotating speed of the machine is slow, and it moves fast, then the needle leaves before it has been out from the tip, so it will only scratch the skin and not deliver ink to the skin. If the machine moves slowly, there won't be an orderly arrangement of the penetration depth. Flower tattoo

The second method--let the needles penetrate the skin from left to right.

There are 2 ways to use this method to make the color block distribution from darkest to lightest. tattoo shading The first way When the needle penetrates the skin from left to right, we control the color depth by controlling the depth of the needle, Of course, this requires us to be able to master the tattoo machine and practice for a long time. tattoo shading The second way By controlling the flow of pigment in the tip to control color depth. For example, When the needle penetrates the skin from left to right, the pigment in the tip is gone after a while. But we continue to penetrate the skin, and the color at this time is light. tattoo shading But how can we control the amount of pigment in the tip? We can use a wet cotton sheet and make the needle penetrate the wet cotton sheet to expel the pigment from the tip. Then, step back one centimeter to continue to penetrate the skin, so that different levels of color depth can be done. tattoo sleeve

The third method--make circles

It means that the needle fills the tattoo by making circles on the skin. But it is not a complete circle, just a 3/4 circle, At 3/4, the tattoo needle is withdrawn. We know that the penetration changes from deep to shallow at this stage, as a result, the color depth is done. tattoo shading When filling a tattoo, we often use three methods at the same time. The second method is used to make heavy colored edges, The first method is used to change color depth. The third method can be used to make the color even. tattoo shading Tattoo techniques still need to be adjusted according to your work habits. All skills are used for the final effect of the tattoo.