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How to get a tattoo that you will never hate?

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If you want a tattoo that will never be outdated, then your tattoos should meet the following 2 tips:
  1. the design should be classical
  2. choose a good tattoo location + proper maintenance
I will share some tips for getting "never outdated" tattoos. If you are planning to add a new tattoo, take notes! sexy tattooed model Consider location before tattooing When considering the location, please think about it for the future. Tattoos on any body part that is prone to rubbing or sweating too much will fade more or less as time goes by. (Such as fingers, palms, joints, elbows, lips These locations are easier to fade, If you are going to get your the first tattoo, There will be a discount on your tattoo effect. tattooed men In your life, macrophages will constantly remove pigment from your tattoos, -This is inevitable. However, we can control other factors, Such as sun protection and skincare. Taking care of your skin is taking care of your tattoos. leg tattoos 2. Strictly choose tattooists When you are going to get a tattoo, find someone whose work you appreciate. And communicate with him about his workflow, preferences, and style. Of course, it is really important to observe the work carefully. As far as the tattoo industry is concerned, Although there is no very standardized standard practice and certificate qualification, From this point of view, customers should learn to be cautious, picky, and carefully choose the people who tattoo them. Your common experience with the tattoo artist will make you immortal. sexy tattooed women 3. Accept opinions and learn more I have a friend who spends several years thinking about what kind of tattoos and designs to make. I will also refer to other tattoos or works of art, I want to show them on my skin. But the customer is not a professional tattoo designer. Generally speaking, most ideas will be rejected. Tattooists like guests to give them a theme and their bodies. There will be many free spaces to make unique works. 4. Popularity is bound to be outdated If your tattoo is to commemorate people, Of course, this situation is not limited to this. Many tattoos today are influenced by stars and idols, To make exactly the same tattoo design. tattooed men And what stands out in the tattoo industry right now is the one that is full of refinement, creativity, and uniqueness. Although the tattoo trend will not change every year, But now people are accepting information faster, The rhythm of tattooing is also faster, "Tattooing" is really an embarrassing thing. ot and sexy tattoo girls 5. More "big" and more durable Compared with tattoos with large size, clear outline and concise, tattoos that are small, delicate, delicate, and complex will fade faster. Before the tattooing, a tattoo artist will consider many factors. Design style, tattoo location, needle model, etc ... tattooed men Like a marker pen written on a paper towel After 20, 30 or 50 years, any pigment that enters the skin will settle and spread, But the bigger the tattoo, the slowly it spreads! tattooed men 6. Choose a good color Different tattoo colors have different "viewing periods". Black ink has the highest carbon content and the best durability. If you only have one black spot on your hand, That black spot will stay on your hand for a lifetime. If you have a rainbow on your arms, The sharpness of each color will decline at a different rate. according to my experience, Red is the pigment that fades most easily. forearm tattoos for men 7. Accept the pain Tattoo pain is not a direct pain, More like an endurance tug of war. You all know that tattoos are not done overnight. So it is more important to overcome psychological obstacles and sit still and let the needle penetrate for 5-6 hours. In the later period, it feels like the pain of skin scraping, and you can hold on. sexy tattooed model 8. Prevent it from sunshine If you want to make your tattoo as beautiful as just tattooed, sunscreen is the indispensable key. Ultraviolet rays are very destructive to tattoos on the skin. So laser tattoo removal uses concentrated ultraviolet light, You can imagine how unfriendly ultraviolet rays are to us, In summer applying sunscreen is also for our skins! sexy tattooed model The above are the main knowledge points that need to be paid attention to when choosing a tattoo Do you have any practical suggestions for everyone?