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Do you know these tips before tattoo?

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Know your favorite style Tattoo is like you walk into a club, all the girls are beautiful, you all love, but you can't finish it all in one night, so you must clearly know what your favorite style is. If you don't think about it, don't go for a tattoo easily. rose tattoo Find your favorite tattoo artist Tattooists generally advertise their works and stores on the Internet, so before going to tattoos, check out the more reliable tattooists in your area on the Internet, and then look at their work more. I am famous, but not necessarily the style you like. tattoo girl Visit the tattoo shop in advance Although there are a lot of materials on the Internet to let you know about a tattoo shop, you still need to inspect it to see if all the environment is clean and whether the tattoo artist's work is really as attractive as photos. Of course, you can also communicate your thoughts with the tattoo artist in advance to see if he has any suggestions. tattoo girl Good tattoos are not cheap It is important to understand that good tattoos are not cheap, and some first-class tattooists charge more. You might think, damn it, so expensive! But a tattoo will accompany you throughout your life, and you don't want to wear an ugly tattoo on your body. tattoo girl Must communicate seriously As mentioned before, before tattooing, you must determine the style you want. Before starting tattooing, you must clearly tell your tattoo artist what you think. Everyone has a different understanding of art and beauty, from style to size, from color to pattern. Every step should communicate well with the tattoo artist. tattoo girl First print the pattern on the body and feel it You can send the pattern to your tattoo artist in advance, and then transfer it on the part you want to print. This step must not be less. At this time, you need to carefully observe whether the angle is the angle you like, whether it is the right size, and whether the position is accurate. After all, the picture you see with the tattoo artist from a third person perspective are different. At this point, it is possible to modify the position or pattern, once you start tattooing, it is difficult to adjust. tattoo girl The bigger the tattoo position will be better Unless you want to puncture a small, delicate pattern in a specific place (such as your fingers, such as near your ears, such as your scar), in most cases, the larger the area, the more opportunities your tattoo artist will have. Use his strength to carve more details, and this work will be more attractive in the end. tattoo girl Consider the advice from a tattoo artist Depending on your body shape and skin condition, the tattoo artist may suggest that you use some patterns designed by the tattoo artist. At this time, you better consider his suggestions carefully. He can predict the effect of your tattoo in advance and he is sure I also know the failure experience of some customers. The most important thing is that if the tattoo artist designs it himself, he can do better. Even if it is not completely adopted, it is also good to combine it with your own design. flower tattoo