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What’s your feeling as a tattoo artist?


wormhole tattoo |

This is a story about a tattoo artist. tattooist But for the behavior of getting tattoos, I often say to clients that the phrase "half of the meaning of a tattoo is the process of getting it, enjoy it". The process is a spiritual practice. Whether it is pain or happiness, this will definitely be a memory that you cannot forget in your life. Let’s back to the topic, today I want to talk about feelings as a tattoo artist rather than tattoo enthusiasts After I convinced my parents, my friends and relatives thought I would be like this: tattooed men They think if I am lucky enough I will leave a life like this: inked men After suffering, I finally reached my wish, picturing that I would be: tattooing But actually, this is the life I live tattoo artist Even if I am working like this: tattooing In the eyes of my peers: tattooing My parents think I have been like this: tattooed men I promised that I would make a tattoo like this Horse tattooBut it turns out to be like this after listening to the guest’s advice: ugly tattoo The person who got his first tattoo thought the studio will be like this, tattooing I don’t want to complain anymore, let me be quiet ... In fact, most of the time, we are more willing to do this: tattooing Happy to do this: tattooed men and baby And travel with my wife travelling After thinking about it for a long time, I have been in love for so many years. I have been insisting on what I like to do. Except for sometimes, I feel sad because of bad customers, most of the time we are very happy. The new challenge, how can I have time to worry about other views, not to mention, I am going to draw a draft ...