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What are the Best Tattoo Pen Machines in 2022?

What are the Best Tattoo Pen Machines in 2022?

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If you're looking to buy a new tattoo machine and you haven't bought one before, this guide is here to help. New options keep being developed, and we're here to help you make the best choice based on your needs and machine types.


The tattoo pen has been dominating the tattooing industry for recent years. They are incredibly popular with artists of all styles, and they are relatively simple to use. Tattoo pens are known for smooth, fluid movements and easy user experience. They feature the pen shape, which brings a fluent sense of use and allows the needle to move in a gentle, seamless pattern, getting rid of the bulky feeling of coil machines and motor machines in the past. Furthermore, tattoo pens even help you get rid of the complicated coils, more efficiently and easily help tattoo lovers to solve the problem of excessive space occupation. Here is the top tattoo machine you can refer to.

Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Pen

Wireless Tattoo Machine with Wireless Battery

Wireless tattoo pen Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Pen is a pen-style tattoo machine that offers unstoppable power, whether wired or wireless. The Tattoo Pen is fitted with the brushless motor and adopts CNC integrated carving process, which makes sure machine parts are wear-resistant. Low vibration is really low on this machine. The pen with a wireless battery helps you get rid of the trouble of wiring the tattoo machine. Just insert the battery and you can use the wireless tattoo machine easily. It can work for 6 hours after charging for 3 hours, and it is also equipped with a memory function, no need to re-adjust the voltage. 5 levels of voltage can be convenient to control. This Wormhole wireless tattoo pen machine is compatible with all the standard tattoo cartridge needles, so almost every cartridge needle can fit this tattoo machine.

Customer reviews

“I just started tattooing like a month ago. I guess I didn't charge it enough before I used it today, but I got to use it with a power source/pedal and it was great as well.Using it wirelessly works great too. Glad I found this one!” “I have been under my friend’s wing, as far as tattooing goes. She’s a pro. Her equipment is larger and heavier, and much harder for my hands to hold. And you don’t want to make ANY mistakes while tattooing, so this pen truly fits the bill for me. It’s cordless, which is terrific and convenient. It makes it easier to manipulate in your hand, as well. There’s nothing weighing you down or holding you back. The weight and size are lighter than many traditional tattoo pens, and I’m truly learning well with the help of this unit. I can’t find any flaws in this product, therefore, I can only give it the highest of ratings… 5 stars! It’s a great product, and it’s also easy on the eyes, too! ”

Cheyenne Tattoo Pen


tattoo pen The Cheyenne HAWK Pen was the first-ever pen-style tattoo machine, has inspired countless rotaries since the debut of the prototype back in 2014. Even years after its release, the Cheyenne Tattoo Pen is still a shining light in the pen-style rotary machine category, with many of the world’s best tattooists using it today. Powered by a Precision DC motor, the Cheyenne HAWK Tattoo PEN is quiet to run and produces virtually no vibrations, guaranteeing precise work. 5 to 13 volts as your operating range, which gives you lots of versatility and will run you from 55 cycles a second. All the way up to 165 cycles a second which again gives you a huge range of soft shading Power lining with a loose shade around zero to four point five millimeters is your stroke length. Fully adjustable and adjustable on the fly. So you don't need to use any special tools or anything else, it's literally a twist of your wrist. The Cheyenne HAWK PEN tattoo machine has a 3.5 mm stroke and offers continuously-adjustable needle protrusion from 0 to 4.0 mm. It also features a protected 3.5 mm jack plug connection at its base. Perfect for use with Cheyenne's range of HAWK and HAWK Craft cartridges. Thanks to Cheyenne's patented cartridge technology, you can quickly and easily switch between needle configurations when using the HAWK PEN.

Customer reviews

“I felt like my work was different and it was better. It's the first time I've ever held a tattoo pen in 17 years of working. I really just felt this instant intuitive improvement in what I could do with the tattoo machine. And I think that my work has progressed since being able to use it and learning how to properly use it. I think that when you're dealing with a machine like that works right for you.” “It looks like a vibrator, you know all that stupid stuff, but you know the proof is in the work that you can produce. If I can produce better work with one of these than I can with a coil machine, then I'm going to use it every day and any amount of money is worth it. You know making sure that I can produce my best work. So I think I already highly recommend the tattoo pen. I think it works really well for the type of work.”

FK Wireless Tattoo Pen

Spektra Flux

tattoo pen The Spektra Flux is the first wireless tattoo machine from the guys behind FK Irons and DarkLab and one of the best tattoo pen machines on the market. The Spektra Flux has created a wireless device with up to 10 hours of battery life with a fast charging speed. Charge tattoo pen machine from any USB-C power plug including your car, laptop, or battery pack. Know where you stand at all times and check your battery life and your voltage usage through an LED indicator. To not overcomplicate things, The Spektra Flux created a user-friendly interface with only 3 buttons. So you can spend more time on your art. Prioritizing your comfort and safety with a lightweight. Ergonomic design that packs most of the weight in the center, reducing the strain in your hand. It’s time to unleash your power, embrace the wireless revolution and create your masterpiece. Say bye, bye to your annoying cables, rotary, coil machine! Even if you’re loyal to the coil, you’ll love the Flux.

Customer reviews

“I've been using this tattoo pen for almost a month now. I've been using it every day five to ten hours a day, sometimes more than 10 hours. So far I like it, I want to say the box itself of the tattoo machine is so nice. The weight of this tattoo machine is 6.3 ohms or 178 grams. Four-millimeter stroke length direct drive rotary machine easily adjustable voltage. Half increment and decrement adjustments feature led indicators for battery life and voltage to come with a kill switch. Feature for the traveling artists, Features a USB battery for dynamic power path management. Fast charging speed up to 1.5 amps with dark cloud USB. Power units battery is detachable can be switched with an auxiliary battery.” “While tattooing you don't have to bother with those crazy dangles of RCA cores or clip cores. So very convenient and this is my first wireless tattoo machine. I am very very happy. The shape of the tattoo pen machine is very nice on the hand I mean overall the shape is good. I just hope that they stayed on the grip the same as the scion. It's like an early grip and I used to use grip for my injector nano. So I am really used to it. It is very comfortable on the hand. Number six the weight distribution is very nice. It's a pen it is not too heavy it is not too light the size of the Grip. The size of the battery is not too big, and it's not too small. And the weight distribution of the machine is very nice and very stable.” Overall, if you’ve never worked with a tattoo pen machine then we’d absolutely recommend getting your hands on one. These pens have their own different advantages, you can choose the most suitable tattoo pen according to your needs.