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Types of Body Piercing Jewelry

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There are many different types of materials for human body jewelry, so you will be able to find the material that best suits you and your skin. Before choosing the material, you can also ask the opinion of the perforation expert. Acrylic body jewelry-multifunctional, lightweight, and has a variety of colors and patterns. Glass body jewelry-The smooth and clean surface is cool to the touch and easy to clean. Silicone body jewelry-crazy comfortable, flexible, soft, and has a variety of unique colors. Stone jewellery-a natural and lightweight material with a variety of colors. Titanium body jewelry-one of the highest quality and purest metals. It is scratch-resistant, lightweight, and stronger than steel.

Basic Barbells

The barbell is the most standard style of all human jewelry. The balls (also called beads) are usually unscrewed from both ends to allow the rod to slide through the perforations, and then the balls are re-tightened to hold them in place. Barbells can be used for various piercings, including tongue piercing, ear piercing, nipple piercing, eyebrow piercing, and so on. Tongue Rings

Curved Barbells

Barbell Belly button barbells are curved barbells, sometimes called "banana barbells." Both ends of the barbell are equipped with threaded balls, and the curved shape imitates the angle of the belly button, so it is more comfortable. It can also make these balls rest neatly on the skin, one ball above the belly button and the other on the belly button. Most abdominal button barbells have a larger bottom ball and a smaller top ball. Belly Button Rings

Ball Closure Rings

A ball closure ring is basically a circular hoop with a ball (or amulet), which can be fixed in place by the pressure at both ends of the ring. The balls usually have a slight dent on each side, allowing them to rest perfectly on the ring. When the ball is removed, there is very little space on the ring, which can be inserted and taken out. Piercing Jewelry

Lip Labrets

Lip piercing jewelry comes in various sizes, styles, and lengths, depending on the type of piercing. lip ring

Circular Horseshoe Barbells

A round barbell is basically like a barbell that is bent into a circle but does not form a complete circle. The shape is more like a "horseshoe", which is why it is often called a horseshoe ring. Just like a straight barbell, the spherical end is screwed and tightened to insert and remove jewelry. Piercing Jewelry

Industrial barbells

Industrial barbells are used on the upper part of the ears. These require two piercing holes, and the barbell is worn slightly diagonally from the top of the ear to the bottom of the ear. Industrial barbells are often decorated with stylized ends or ornaments hanging from the middle of the barbell. Industrial barbells

Labret barbell

Labret barbells are usually equipped with a flat disc on the back to improve comfort. These studs are used to decorate many perforations, usually with decorative balls or ornaments. Labret barbells are usually worn above or below the lips, but can also be used for cheek and dimple piercing.

Piercing Jewelry

Nipple Barbells

Various styles of human body jewelry can be worn on the nipples, and a barbell is one of them. The nipple ring is usually attached with ornaments to add a little charm. The nipple shield is a large ornate disc-shaped jewelry, once inserted into the nipple piercing, it can be fixed in place with a barbell. Nipple Barbells


We can use the stopper on almost any part of the body, as long as the area has been stretched or perforated to accommodate larger-sized jewelry. Usually, stretching occurs in the earlobe area, but some people stretch their nose, lips, etc. The stopper is solid and has no opening. Plugs

Nose Septum Ring

The septum ring penetrates through the nostril on the nostril wall. Septum jewelry can be a horseshoe-shaped ring or a tethered bead ring, depending on preference. Nose Septum ring

Stud nose ring

(Bones and screws) The purpose of the bone nose ring and the screw nose ring is the same. That is to provide you with the tiny, small charms or gems on the sides of the nostrils without evidence of other jewelry. Piercing Jewelry


Unlike plugs, tunnels have openings so you can see through their centers. People use tunnels for larger perforations. Silicone Ear Gauges

Body jewelry size cheat sheet

Since some jewelry can be used interchangeably with different piercings, this cheat sheet will help you make the right choice. Barbell size: 18 gauge-10 gauge Standard length: 1/2" or 7/16" Trap type beaded barbell specifications: 18 gauge-10 gauge Standard length: 1/4" or 5/16" Curved barbell size: 18 gauge-10 gauge Standard length: 1/2", 3/8", 7/16" Horseshoe ring barbell size: 18 gauge-10 gauge Standard length: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" Nose ring gauge size: 18-20 gauge Different standard length Plug gauge size: 18 gauge-1" Taper gauge size: 18 gauge-1" Tunnel gauge size: 18 gauge-1" Click here, you may find the piercing supplies you want. Learn the 7 fun body piercings you will find the one you like.