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This Special Tattoo Probably Is the Most Precious Consolation a Father Can Give to His Son


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This story is about a father and son from Kansas,28-year-old Josh Marshall and 8-year-old Gabriel Marshall. Josh_Marshall_and_Gabriel_Marshall Under such a happy face... Their lives are extremely hard... In March 2015, Gabriel was diagnosed with a form of cancer called anaplastic astrocytoma, a rare malignant brain tumour. Gabriel_Marshall Since that, Gabriel has started long chemotherapy and surgery. Gabriel_Marshall Now, Gabriel's condition is getting better, but he is still not happy - because the hair is completely gone, and a long scar is left. He is afraid of being stared at by passers-by, so he always wears a hat when he goes out. Gabriel_Marshall His father is very sad to see this,he tried his best want to make his son happy. Josh_Marshall_and_Gabriel_Marshall. Gabriel likes all kinds of superheroes and his father took him to the exhibition. Gabriel_Marshall_with_Superman Hand-made Deadpool cake for him. Deadpool cake Not long ago, he saw a website that was collecting cancer children and his father. He decided to shave his hair, and tattoo a scar on his head that is exactly the same as his son. So he chose a professional tattoo supply store and a professional tattoo artist. For him, it’s hopeful to have a scar on his head as same as his son’s scars, which may make his son regain confidence. So his tattoo must be done by professional tattoo supply.Josh Marshall's Tattoo He did not expect this photo to have received a strong response and was voted the first place on the website. Josh_Marshall_and_Gabriel_Marshall Josh_Marshall_and_Gabriel_Marshall "I just want him to stop being so depressed. If people want to stare at it, then stare at us and look at it together."With a father who supports himself so much, Gabriel is now cheerful again. This is the father’s unconditional support and comfort to his son.