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The Complete Guide To Tattoo Needles

tattoo needles

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If you submit to my website, you might have read these blogs, such as the secrets of tattoo needles, tattoo needle knowledge, and do you know tattoo needle. I share the basic tattoo needle knowledge including the types of tattoo needles, the differences between these sizes, and the tattoo needle codes. Well, understanding tattoo tools is essential for any tattoo artist. Tattoo needles play a key role in tattooing. As a tattoo beginner, you must figure tattoo needles out. So, today I will make a list of the tattoo needle knowledge.

tattooing The meaning of the tattoo needle code

Each tattoo needle is marked with a code. RL, RS, FL, and MAG represent tattoo needle grouping. RL needles are generally used for lining since they are grouped tightly. They are the best choice to make a line and dot tattoos. Even though RS stands for the round shader, it doesn’t mean that RS needles are used for shading. One of my friends who run a tattoo studio told me he seldom uses an RS needle to do shading. Instead, sometimes he uses RS needles to do lines. FL stands for flat, which means the needles are placed in a straight line and are soldered onto a needle bar. Mag stands for magnum. Mag needles can be divided into weaved magnum, a curved magnum or round magnum, and stacked magnum. Weaved magnum needles are alternately soldered onto a needle bar. In other words, they are like crossed fingers. Magnum needles with curves are called curved or round magnum needles. Their shape looks like a sector. Stacked magnum needles have 2 rows of needles soldered onto a needle bar. Actually, it is hard for you to distinguish them by looking at their shape if you are a tattoo beginner. But you can figure it out by looking at the blister where the size is marked. Take 1205M1 for example, 12 means needle diameter is 0.35mm. 05 means there are 5 needles soldered together. M1 means weaved magnum. Many tattoo artists would like to use magnum needles to do shading. tattoo_needle_shapecurved_magnum_tattoo_needles

Tattoo needle angle

Generally, when you are doing lines, the tattoo needle angle should stay 45 to 60 degrees which is called a standard angle. An angle less than 45 degrees is called a shallow angle. When we talk about a steeper angle, you can make the needle at 75 to 90 degrees, which can be used for soft shading. At this angle, the tattoo needle will bounce off the skin, so not all pigment will go into the skin. For doing color filling, the needle angle can be at a steeper angle (75 to 90 degrees) or a standard angle (45 to 60 degrees). Many people would like to use magnum needles at a standard angle to do color filling. It doesn’t matter what angle you use as long as your tattoo works nicely. There is no certain angle when it comes to tattooing. tattoo_needle_angle

How to use tattoo needles

Generally speaking, RL needles are used for lining; RS needles can be used for some special lines or small color filling; Flat needles are used for geometric tattoo designs, bold lines, and shading; Magnum needles are ideal for big tattoo area color filling. Actually, a professional tattoo artist told me that a single needle, liner needle, shader needle, and all kinds of magnum needles can be used for lining, shading, and special effects, which depends on the tattoo artist’s tattooing techniques. Some tattoo artists just use 4 or 6 types of needle configuration because they usually make the same tattoo style. Several months ago, I went to a tattoo studio run by my friend, every time he started tattooing, he would make the outline of the design first and then use mag needles to do shading. But some tattoo artists will do shading firstly and then do lines. According to the tattoo design, you must know what needle size you need to use before tattooing.

body-tattoo How to buy tattoo needles

A long time ago, apprentices had to learn to make needles in the shop before they became tattoo artists. However, we can buy any type of tattoo needle online and the prices are cheap. I viewed many websites, nearly all sellers claim that their needles are made of stainless steel. So, do you know how to choose the best needle for yourself? Well, I’d like to offer some suggestions for you. You had better buy needles from some reliable brands you know. As you know, tattoo needles must be sterilized and certified. If you plan to buy needles online, you won’t know whether they are sterilized or not. So purchasing a tattoo needle from a reliable brand will be much better, such as the Cheyenne, Wormhole Tattoo, and Eikon. Before placing orders, you can also read the reviews written by other buyers. Each tattoo needle must be blister pack sealed which can be seen in the product image. Some traditional tattoo needle comes with a blue dot which means it is sterile. Never use a needle that is unsafe. Otherwise, you will be in trouble. Make sure the needles are well soldered before you place an order. When viewing the product page, check the image carefully. If the needle is loose, don’t buy it. It is risky to use a loose tattoo needle since it may come off during tattooing. wormhole_tattoo_needlestattoo_needles If the needle you buy is not straight enough or not sharp, you had better not use it. Otherwise, it will hurt the skin. You must check each needle that you are going to use. You can wrap the needle with cotton or fibers and then pull it out. If it brings fibers out, which means it’s dull. You can use a sterile thread to polish it. The sharper the needle is, the faster the ink goes to the skin. tattoo_artTattooed_women If you want to get more tattooing techniques or tattoo designs, please leave a comment below. Next time, I might update my blog and talk about your topic.