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The Classification And Application of Tattoo Needles


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Generally used to mostly adopt circle of secant needle, the so-called refers to the welded circular needle will be saved for a needle in a circle together, usually, the thickness of each needle between 0.25-0.4, says from the experience of 0.3-0.35 is the longest, also should be the most useful, secant pin of the most commonly used to moderate a blunt tip, the too sharp and too blunt tip is not very ideal. When choosing a secant needle, it is best to choose a needle that has been treated with a pinch. The needle is held together because the tip is held together, and there will be no bifurcation in the secant line. The most commonly used types of secant needles are 3, 5, 7, 9, etc. Too thin and too thick are not very good in the application process. Air injection for packing colors There are many forms, such as a single row, double row (double row and bifurcated double row), circular arc row, etc. The thickness of the pin is the same as the round pin from 0.5 to 0.4, Commonly used with 0.3--0.4 is appropriate, the general dozen mist use needle is blunt needle, too sharp needle is easy to shave skin, the damage to the skin is also bigger, the blunt needle is very good. A single row of needles is usually used for trimming and trimming of sharp corners, as well as very small shapes, which are not commonly used in large areas. Because the needlepoint density is relatively large, the depth of penetration is relatively shallow, which is suitable for a fine mist. Bifurcation double row needle is the most commonly used, the size of the needle is widely used, such needle is very good, but light can be heavy.

Arc type needle is very easy to use, especially when making light and dark changes, the effect is very good, the mist effect is very uniform.

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