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Tattoo Supplies Black Friday Beauty Deals 2019, Tattoo Supplies Promo Codes


wormhole tattoo |

As Black Friday approaches in 2019, various tattoo product websites have started discount sales. Amazon has also given 20% discounts on some products, such an attractive promotion. You must know that only 15% of the prime day discount event. Tomorrow is the Black Friday Shopping Festival in 2019, I feel very excited when I think about it, and I can buy a lot of pet supplies for my best friend Jock-well, Jock is an Alaskan dog, well, as A fan of tattoo products for many years, I will not miss such an opportunity to buy the best tattoo products at the cheapest price. Well-informed me, today I will make a list of the tattoo supplies websites discount during Black Friday in 2019! Dear tattooists, in order to save you more money, I didn't sleep all night and collected the black Friday discount information from 17 well-known tattoo supplies websites! 17 websites! !! !! Why are 17? Hahaha, because I can only find 17! I originally wanted to find some famous websites but found that many websites do not have Black Friday discounts. For example, Cheyenne, there is no Black Friday discount. If you find more discount information, welcome to comment below my blog, remember to leave your email or receipt information, and I will contact you and give 10 reviewers a beautiful tattoo machine I collected! Alright, start!

First: wormhole tattoo

I have been following this company for a long time. Although this website is not well known, their products are cheap enough and the quality is good enough! Yes, it is cheap and has a wide range of products. Tattoo pens, tattoo machines, tattoo sets, tattoo needles, tattoo inks, tattoo tips, and all the tattoo supplies you want are almost available on their website. The same tattoo pens can be sold for $ 600 in Cheyenne, but they can be bought at Wormhole Tattoo for $ 100. It was so cheap, but the quality of the product is very good. I have bought their products and I love the products of this not-so-famous website! And they're free shipping for the US and Canada! This is really great. We can see that many websites are free shipping for orders over $ 100 or $ 150, but this company is free shipping for all products! Their Black Friday discount is 20% Off on all products, yes, all products! The code is WH20, which is available from 11.27 to 12.2, it seems that the discount on Cyber Monday is also 20% Off for all products! Again, all products are free shipping, look at this: wormhole_tattoo

Second: dragonhawk tattoo

they are also a very personalized tattoo company. You can see from their website and notice that their Black Friday discount is from November 21st to December 4th, the discount is 50%, but, When I purchased tattoo products, I found that not all products have a 50% discount. In fact, during the payment process, Save $15 over $100 with the code IGDH, Save $55 over $300 with the code DHSS. Save $90 over $500 with the code DHBF for orders over $ 500. When I paid, I found that buying $ 1,000 of tattoo supplies cost me $ 910, not $ 820, which means that their maximum discount was to save 90 US dollars, you can enjoy the biggest discount when you buy 500 U.S. dollars. The reason why I don't like them is that some products need to pay taxes and have shipping costs, look at this:

dragonhawk_tattooThird, painfulpleasures

There are also a lot of products on this website, including tattoo supplies and puncture supplies. I believe that the tattoo artists who bought their Inkjecta Flite Nano Elite tattoo machine must be very impressed with their tattoo machine. The tattoo machine they sell is of good quality and very expensive. They have a 20% Off on all products during Black Friday, the code is BLKFRD20, and the time is from November 29 to December 1, 2019. look at this:

painfulpleasuresFourth, intenze

which is a professional website selling tattoo pigments. The Black Friday discount is Save €25 over €100 with the code ALMOSTBLKFRIDAY, but here: https: // says: 40% OFF TATTOO INKS, 20% OFF SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, hahaha, I feel a bit deceived, look at this: intenze

Fifth: ultimate tattoo

The products on this site are a bit messy, and there are few tattoo pen styles on the homepage, but they are very keen to promote tattoo pens and place the tattoo pens on the banner on the homepage of the website. But I can't help but say that their tattoo pens are really ugly. Their Black Friday discount is 20% off all orders. For registered premium members, tattoo ink has a 25% Off. No code is needed. The time is 11.25-12.4. look here: ultimatetattoo


I believe that many tattoo artists are very familiar with the products on this website, especially their rotary tattoo machines, which are very beautiful. Tattoo pens and rotary tattoo machines are their most beautiful products. The effect of 3D modeling and rendering is really great, of course, the price is also very high. A motor tattoo machine or tattoo pen is priced at about $ 400. This year's Black Friday, prices of all tattoo pens have been reduced by $ 150, rotary machines have been reduced by $ 100, and other products have a 20% Off. Currently, their discount codes and discount times have not been released. look here:

Fk-IronsSeventh, tattoomachineequipment

This is a magic website, they wrote on the homepage of the website: From now until the end of Cyber ​​Monday (November 25th), please use the coupon code below at the checkout for 15% off your order! Offer excludes Cheyenne Products: BLACKFRIDAY2019 Yes, the discount time is From now until the end of Cyber ​​Monday (November 25th), so I tried shopping with BLACKFRIDAY2019 and found "This coupon has expired." It's unavailable on the 25th, I hope they can realize this as soon as possible and fix it ... see here: tattoomachineequipment

Eighth, kingpin tattoo

This site does not have a wide variety of products, but they have basically used tattoo supplies, and the discount on Black Friday is simple and straightforward: 25% off all Kingpin and TATSoul Needles, Cartridges, and Disposable Tubes 25% off all Prime+ Cartridges 15% off Critical Power Supplies $99 off Panenka Thermal Imagers 50% off the Prime Velocity Pen $100 off TATSoul Client Chairs $70 off TATSoul Portable Tables $70 off TATSoul Artist Chairs $50 off TATSoul Arm Rests No code, time is from 11.25-12.2, look at this: kingpintattoo

Ninth, element tattoo

I don't want to say too much about this website, because many of the products sold on their website are from other companies, not their own products and designs. Their Black Friday discount is 15% off all orders and free shipping on orders over $ 150. look here: elementtattoo

Tenth, Solong tattoo

this site does not have a Black Friday discount, but the discount which started on November 11 is still valid, the discount ends on November 30. Look here: solongtattoo

Eleventh, tatsoul

The discount on this site looks very big, up to 50% off, actually, I seem to disbelieve it, so I tried to buy a few tattoo products, at this time I found out that only a pen can have a 50% discount. I have to say that for such "conditional discount" companies, I would despise them. look here: tatsoul

Twelfth, Dasha tattoo

This company is very good, there is no deception to customers, all tattoo products have a 15% discount, discount code: FRIDAY, the only regret is free shipping over €150. look here: dashatattoo

Thirteenth, fusion tattoo ink

This website mainly sells tattoo ink. 25% discount on all orders during Black Friday. The discount time is from November 29 to December 2. I like it very much. look here: fusiontattoo

Fourteenth: tommys

to be honest, I haven't bought tattoo supplies on their website, but I saw a lot of people on Reddit saying their products are good, so I Share the URL to everyone. During Black Friday, they have a 20% discount on all orders. Tattoo ink has a 30% discount. On Cyber Monday, they have a 15% discount on all orders, a 20% discount on tattoo ink, no discount code required, and free shipping on all orders over $ 150. Look here: tommystommys

Fifteenth: worldwide tattoo

I also like this site very much, because you can always see their ads on the Google homepage, I guess they should be rich before they do So many ads, but I always think that it is a very interesting company. Although their own brand is not very famous, they sell products from many famous companies. Yes, I like such companies because they are willing to help other companies sell tattoo supplies. Their Black Friday discount this year is a 20% discount on all products, and the discount code is BLACK2019. The only regret is that free shipping is not available. look here: worldwidetattoo

Sixteenth: tat tattoo

This is one of the few websites that are willing to put customer reviews on the homepage, although there are no reviews on their homepage. Well, they still have a little activity on this Black Friday, Buy any kit, get 50% off. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, look here: tattattoo Seventeenth: thechosenoneink tattoo, In the end, I will bring you two websites with very large discounts, 50% OFF ALL PIERCINGS. We know that in general, during Black Friday, sellers do not pursue profits only pursuing sales volume, so sellers may sell products at cost prices. This time the discount is 50% Off. You can guess that their daily product prices are very high. look here:
thechosenoneinktattoo (1)