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Tattoo Pain Chart on Different Body Parts


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Tattoo pain levels can be considered as 4 levels. Some places are not allowed to tattoo because it may cause death. The more pain lever is something you cannot be bearable. tattoo_pain_level tattoo_pain_level You can bear it but you had better bring something to bite on if you get on inner arms, inner thighs, and elbows. tattoo_pain_level It’s fine to get a tattoo on outer arms, outer thighs, and back. You can bear it, but you need strong faith. tattoo_pain_level The pain is hard to bear for you if you get a tattoo on parts such as head, neck, armpits, chest, feet bottom, front hands, and knees. tattoo_pain_level The most important is that don't go to private parts. It may cause death. tattoo_pain_level