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Something you need know before purchasing tattoo equipment

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Many people think that imported tattoo equipment is better. Actually, expensive ones don't mean high-quality ones. For users, a tattoo machine is good as long as he uses it smoothly. The distinction between good and bad tattoo equipment is their stability. In fact, the technology of producing tattoo equipment in China has been relatively mature, and the product quality has improved compared with the 1990s. Basic introduction The basic tattoo equipment includes a tattoo machine; tattoo power supply, clip cord, foot pedal; tattoo needle, tattoo tips, tattoo tubes; tattoo pigments, ink cups, ink cap holder; tattoo books, transfer thermal Machine. Hygiene Products include tattoo pads, Tapes, disposable shavers, Table Mats, mattresses, sleeves, clip cord cover, tip brush, sterilization Bags, face masks, etc. Auxiliary equipment: pens, tattoo machine cover, tattoo machine holder, tattoo needle holder, tattoo tube holder, armrest, foot & leg rest, fake skins, transfer paper, transfer speed stick, anesthetics, pressure Tongue plate, needle pad, needle grommet, tattoo machine, tip brush, etc. tattoo kits A tattoo gun kit usually includes tattoo machines, tattoo power supply, clip cord, pedal, needles, tattoo tip, tattoo tubes, tattoo ink, ink cup; fake skin, transfer paper, green soap, speed stick, spring, and many other kinds of stuff. Tattoo needles are divided into RL---round liner, RS---round shader, F------single-row needle, M1---(single row cross needles), M2----( double row tighten needles)tattoo needle cartridge Precautions 1. Tear off the plastic film or gauze 5-7 hours after the tattoo. Wash the wound with warm water. Soap and body lotion are prohibited. 2. It is normal that the wound will blood 1-2 days after the tattoo. Do not apply trauma ointment at will, and do not touch the wound with your hands. 3. Make sure that the wound is clean and dry. After bathing or after a lot of exercises, use a dry paper towel to moisten the surface of the wound. 4. The wound should not be treated with alcohol or iodine to prevent infection. Anti-inflammatory drugs for trauma can be taken. 5. Before the wound is healed, do not drink alcohol or spicy food, and prohibit swimming or going sauna (only warm water for washing). Fluorescent pigment 6. The wound may be itchy a few days after the tattoo is completed, the scab is attached, and the skin peeling. Do not scratch the wound to avoid discoloration. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. 7. Pay attention to the hygiene of the wound. You must take a bath after the tattoo. You must wash it every day, but do not rub the skin of the tattoo area too hard when taking a bath, because you need to wash away the exuded body fluids and residual ointment. Do not use irritating bath lotion, soap, and something like that, and don't spend too much time taking a bath. You can take a shower, but it’s not suitable for bathing or swimming. The skin of the body part will be itchy, peeling and a thin layer of a scab will form during the recovery process of the tattoo, which is normal, but do not grab the tattoo part with your hands, otherwise, it will affect the color of the tattoo. If the skin recovers well, it will heal in about 10 days. In the future, the tattoo area should be protected consciously (if the skin of the tattoo area is injured, the color will be affected, and if it is serious, it needs to be supplemented). And before the tattoo is completely restored, try not to drink, do not eat seafood and spicy food, because these will cause redness, itching, and even allergic symptoms, which can easily cause adverse consequences for the tattoo. Mother's Day Tattoo