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Nose Piercing Types and Nose Jewelry Guide

nose ring

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Wearing a nose ring is a great way to add a little charm to your look. It is stylish and discreet. It is the perfect type of low-key piercing in many business environments. Whether you choose to pierce the nostril or the septum (the small segment that separates the nostril). It is super cute and stylish. nose pierced woman Here is a handy guide to some common questions about nose piercing. piercing places The most common entry jewelry used for nostril piercing is twist nails made of high-quality metals such as 14k gold, 18k gold, or titanium. nose piercing It is also possible to use a lap ring or a gold seamless ring. If you choose to use nose studs, it is best to use nose studs with a small ball on the end. But a small fork or bezel with gemstones may be fashionable. nose stud But make sure that your entry jewelry is large enough to accommodate swelling and lightness without pulling your piercing area. nose piercing The standard size for a nose ring is 18G or 20G, but your piercer will use a larger needle (maximum 16G) to pierce it to achieve better healing. Never use a nose ring smaller than the recommended value for the piercer, as this will increase the risk of rejection, tearing, and migration. nose ring size The length of the twisted nose stud jewelry will be 1/4 inch. This eliminates swelling and makes the puncture room easy to clean. piercing jewelry If you are pierced by a CBR, hoop, or round barbell, its size should be 5/16 inches or 3/8 inches. Placement: Your perforator will mark the location of the perforation so that you can see if you are satisfied with the placement. Once you agree, you can start your nose ring.

My puncture has healed, what should I do?

You have followed all the recommendations and have fully recovered. So now you can start the fun part for your nostrils: buy jewelry to decorate your awesome nose piercing! nose pierced woman Cost considerations: When buying a nose ring, if you think it is worth the investment, it is recommended to buy a high-quality 14k gold or platinum nose piercing. There are many styles to choose from, and the price is moderate. But women’s favorites are always real diamond nose jewelry or real birthstone stud earrings. nose pierced men Important note: Some people tend to decorate their nostrils with standard earrings. Don't do this. Standard earrings are usually 22G, which may cause the puncture to migrate and not heal properly. In addition, the length is too long, it may damage the cartilage and scratch the fragile nose tissue.

Nostril Piercing Jewelry Style

There are about 7 kinds of nose rings. A nose piercing kit is recommended if you want to try different styles. types


This kind of nose ring stays firmly in the nose while being flush with the nostril. For these reasons, it is the most common type of nose ring. There are various styles available, which means there is something for everyone.

Nasal bone

The nasal bone is composed of a pillar with ornaments on one side and a small ball with a diameter slightly larger than the pillar on the other side. When worn, the ball holds it in place. Like twist tacks, they have a flush cut. These are the best options for healing perforations. Although not suitable for everyone, the nasal bone has a loyal fan base and swears in terms of appearance and comfort.


This is just a straight port, but this style of nose stud does not mean that it can be worn as it is. The perforator will have to customize your nose to bend into an L shape. This is the perfect choice for those who are not suitable for regular barbell lengths.


The rod of the L-shaped nose ring is bent 90 degrees. For those who have difficulty tightening screws, this is also the favorite one backing, because the L type is easier to insert into the perforation than the screw, and it is stronger than the nasal bone.

Nose ring hoop

The nose ring hoop quickly became the preferred nostril jewelry. They give you a different appearance than a stud one, and they tend to be more eye-catching. The captive bead ring is easy to insert, and the beads can be decorated to add elegance. You can also choose an artificial hoop (as shown in the picture) to express the beauty of the hoop in an easy-to-insert format.

Nose ring with seamless hoop

Unlike the hoop in the picture above, the seamless nose ring wraps the nostrils all the time. The thickness of the hoop depends on the size of the perforation; a larger gauge will make the hoop look bolder. Never separate the ends in a seamless loop. Instead, turn it up and down in the opposite direction to open it, and then rotate it back to its original position.

Artificial Hoop Nose Ring

This type of nose ring has an L-shaped backing for easy insertion and comfort, making you look like a hoop. nose piercing

Choosing the right size diamond

Choosing the right size diamond or gemstone depends on how much bling you want to show. nose piercing The most popular size is a 2.5 mm gemstone, which emits a beautiful light without attracting much attention. If you want to show off your nose piercing, then diamonds are the best choice. 3mm diamonds are our recommended choice. After all, if you like a beautiful nose piercing, you want to show it off. If you choose a more discreet appearance, then a 2mm or 1.5mm diamond nose ring is also a good choice. Remember, 1.5mm diamonds are really small. It will provide a subtle spark, which may be more acceptable in the office, but it may not provide the dazzling you want. size Paw-shaped setting and border setting. When choosing the perfect nose ring, the next big choice is to choose a pin setting or a baffling set. nose jewelry The claw setting provides a more classic look and allows more light to pass through the gemstone. This nose ring takes a step back to make the gem shine. This design style is mostly used in jewelry design, such as diamond rings. Paw-shaped The groove base design is more in line with modern style. It clings to the cup-shaped diamond and showcases the beauty of the gem next to the stunning 14k gold. nose bone Since the front bezel setting provides a more sleek appearance, it fits your skin better and is more difficult to get tangled than a nose nail with a fork set. After all, both styles are amazing. You decide which is your favorite. nose piercing Except for nose rings, there are many other piercing supplies to be chosen for you.