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Do you know tattoo needles?


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I've been very upset recently because Christmas is coming soon and I haven't prepared Christmas gifts yet. Last year I received a very good gift-a tattoo kit. My friend Amy and I like tattoos very much. This year I want to send Amy a tattoo machine. Amy is studying tattoo recently. I think she must need a tattoo machine very much. Many of my friends like tattoos, but most people don't know how to choose safe and reliable tattoo supplies. For example, do you know tattoo needles? A tattoo needle is an essential tool for the tattooing process. The tattoo manufacturing process requires different types of tattoo needles. Different tattoo needles have different effects. Below I will share more knowledge about tattoo needles. How does an ordinary tattoo needle draw a beautiful pattern? tattoo needles A tattoo is a tattoo needle that pierces the skin and leaves ink in the dermis. The dermis is the second layer of skin under the epidermis. Without the help of a tattoo needle, ink can only deposit on the epidermis, and the tattoo will only last for a few weeks. So the role of tattoo needles is very powerful. tattoo needles Different tattoo machines drive tattoo needles in different ways, but the working principles of tattoo needles are the same. Rotary tattoo machine: rotary tattoo machine Coil tattoo machine: coil tattoo machine Categories of tattoo needles The tattoo needle is composed of a needle bar and a needle. The biggest difference between tattoo needles is needle silk. According to the diameter of the needle wire, it is divided into 12 series, 08 series, 10 series, and 13 series. The most commonly used on the market are the 12 and 10 series. tattoo needle tapers Tattoo needles classified by model: RL, RS, M1, M2.RM.F tattoo needlestattoo needle groupings 1.Round tattoo needle A circular tattoo needle is a needle welded into a circle around a central axis. The round needle is divided into liner needles and shader needles according to the tightness of the placement position. Tight circular needles are suitable for processing the details of a pattern. Loose round needles are suitable for Japanese-style contours. There are two series of circular tattoo needles: RL and RS. RL Series: liner needles, mainly used for line cutting tattoo needles RS series: scattered needles, shader needles, suitable for small patterns, such as totems tattoo needles 2.Magnum Tattoo Needles Magnum stingers are shader needles. The taper of the Magnum felting needle is longer than that of the circular shader needles. Magnum stingers can inject more ink, are suitable for drawing large patterns, and can reduce damage to the skin. M1 series: shader needles, single-row cross needle, anti-shader row needle, mainly used for a shady and dark shade. M1 series tattoo needle tattoo color effect is good tattoo needles M2 series: shader needles,double-row tightening needle, mainly used for solid shade. The density of the needle tip is large, and the depth of penetration into the skin is shallow, which is suitable for details. tattoo needles 3.Round Magnums / Curved Magnums Round magnum is a new type of magnum needle. The center of this tattoo needle protrudes, and the tip of the needle forms an arc. Round magnums provide consistent lines and reduce skin damage. RM series: shader, curved pin, suitable for shade. The effect of changing the brightness of the pattern is good, and the shading effect is uniform. tattoo needles 4.Flat Tattoo Needles Flat tattoo needles are very popular because they are shaped to send more ink to the skin. Large models of flat tattoo needles are suitable for making large color pictures. F series: single row shading needle, generally used in trimming corner patterns and small tattoo graphics. tattoo needles 5.Bugpin needle The thickness of the standard needle is 0.30mm-0.35mm, and the thickness of the bugpin needle is 0.20mm-0.25mm. Some tattooists use bugpin needle to shader. If you want to try bugpin needle, you must buy it in a regular store. Buying a pin model of the bugpin needle is 1-2 times smaller than usual. tattoo needles The end of a tattoo needle has a minimum of three and a maximum of 25. Different types of tattoo needles have different effects. Needles with fewer ends are generally used for cutting lines, and needles with more ends are generally used for the shader. tattoo needles There are many types of tattoo needles, and many beginners are easily confused and do not know what kind of tattoo needle to choose from. Before choosing a tattoo needle, you should know what style of tattoo your customer needs. Different styles of tattoos require different tattoo needles. Further communication with customers can learn how to choose the right tattoo needle: A: Do you need to shader over a large area? B: A magnum needle is more suitable A: Do you need to draw a lot of lines? B: You can choose RL needle A: Is your skin sensitive? B: You need to use RM needle A professional tattooist needs to use the right tattooed stitches. How to distinguish the quality of tattoo needles? There are hundreds of brands and manufacturers of tattoo needles. If you are a tattoo beginner, it is very difficult to choose a high-quality needle from hundreds of tattoo needles. So you need to understand the characteristics of high-quality tattoo needles. 1. The tattoo needle is straight If the tattoo needle you purchased is curved, please stop using it. Because the curved tattoo needle will cause great damage to the skin, and the ink distribution is uneven, the tattoo effect is poor. 2. Whether the tattoo needle is welded well Check whether the connection between the tattoo needle and the needle bar is firm and whether the needle is loose. If the needle is loose, it is likely to fall off during the tattoo, causing the needle to bend and damage the skin. 3. Is the tattoo needle disinfected? When buying a tattoo needle, you need to check whether the tattoo needle is disinfected, whether it has a sterile label and batch number, and the expiration date. Whether the tattoo needle is disinfected will affect the safety of the tattoo and must be taken seriously. Selection of tattoo needles The tattoo kits I gave my friend last Christmas included a tattoo needle. Originally I did not consider the quality of the tattoo needle. I think the tattoo effect is determined by the tattoo machine. The quality of tattoo needles is also important. I decided to give my friend a set of tattoos this Christmas. After watching a few suppliers, I finally decided to choose wormhole. I studied the wormhole tattoo needles carefully. Each tattoo needle is made according to a unified standard. The tattoo needle is straight and not curved, and the quality is good. Besides, the needle and the needle rod use lead-free solder, which is non-toxic, safe and reliable. The tattoo needle is in direct contact with the skin so safety issues are very important. I have checked several of them without a security guarantee. But wormholes indicate a rigorous inspection process. Each wire is 316L medical steel to ensure the hygiene and safety of tattoo needles. Every step from production to sale is strictly controlled. The most important thing is to obtain CE certification and FDA certification. If you also want to buy tattoo needles, I recommend Wormhole. Wormholes have liner needles and shader needles. Each tattoo needle has a different model and size. Whether you are a tattoo artist or a beginner, wormhole tattoo needles are a good choice. tattoo needles I purchased a 50-piece disposable tattoo needle, each of which is sealed with a blue disinfection point. The models are 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 5MG, 7MG, 9MG. The tattoo needle is made of 316 medical stainless steel and is 100% disinfected. Suitable for any tattoo handle and tattoo tube. Tattoo needle size: needle diameter: 0.35mm, needle taper: 7mm A good tattoo needle can create a good tattoo. Whether it is liner or shader, the requirements for tattoo needles are very high. My friend has used a wormhole tattoo needle, which works well and has good quality. The most important is the cost-effective, safe and reliable, with different sizes of tattoo needles. If you want to buy tattoo needles, Wormhole has all the tattoo needles you need.