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6 Tips for Tattoo Aftercare


wormhole tattoo |

At each tattoo shop, each tattoo artist has his own specialized tattoo aftercare based on his own tattoo technique and tattoo ointment. The premise of the tattoo is they always used a tattoo supply clean, which gives your tattoo a good one. Today I will share 6 tips about taking care of a new tattoo.

tattoo_aftercare 1. Tear off the plastic wrap

Tear off the plastic wrap 2-4 hours later after the tattoo, wash the secretions (serum) exuded from the tattoo area and the residual color on the skin with warm water, and then use serviettes (You had better use alcohol-free wipes and squeeze the water ) wipe and absorb the water stains left in the tattoo wound, then let the tattoo wound dry naturally for 1-2 hours (do not use a hairdryer or make it dry under the air conditioning), check the tattoo again to see if there is any secretion. If there is still a secretion, wash and dry it refers to the method above; if the tattoo wound secretion is not dried in time, it will lead to thickening of the scar and increase the probability of tattoo discoloration. The faded tattoo needs to get color again, which will cause you to suffer from penetrating the second time. People who bought the tattoo ointment apply ointment twice on the first and second day after the tattoo, (if it was late the day you got the tattoo, the tattoo artist has already applied the ointment to you, so you don't have to apply it on the first day.) wash_hands tattoo_ointment

How to apply the ointment

After cleaning with a hand sanitizer, take out a small amount of tattoo ointment, apply it to the tattoo area thinly, and gently massage it with the palm for 30 seconds to help the wound to absorb the ointment. For those who have not purchased ointments, it is not recommended to apply other remedies such as erythromycin (Vaseline) after tattooing. The biggest problem with erythromycin and Vaseline is that they are too oily and will block the pores of the skin and lead to thickening the scar. It is recommended that you do not apply. The wound will naturally heal even if you don’t apply ointment, but the healing time may be a little longer. For large-area tattoos, tattoo wounds are inconvenient to clean, and you can seek help from your friends. Remember! Remember! Remember! The important thing is to say three times: the tattoo ointment must be applied thinly. tattoo_healing

2. On the day when you get the tattoo and the next day

The tattoo wound should be checked and cleaned several times (not less than 3 to 5 times a day) (the cleaning method is the same as above), especially the first day before you go to bed and the morning of the next day, you must check and clean the tattoo wound on time, and the method is the same as above. If there is no secretion in the tattooed area, it is not necessary to clean it, just keep it dry. black-gray-leg-sleeve-tattoo

3. From the 3rd day after the tattoo

Stop using any tattoo ointment, and the tattoo area will start to molt, the color will be darker, and there will be tightness and may be accompanied by itching. Large-area tattoos may also be accompanied by a fever (heat), it is normal that the arms or legs swell if you got tattoo sleeve or leg-sleeve tattoos. For those who have a large area of the tattoo, it is recommended to take an anti-inflammatory drug for about 3 days after the tattoo, reduce the work time and take more rest. The degree of itchiness varies depending on the individual's constitution. Some people drink alcohol, and itchiness is intensified (recommended not to drink alcohol within 10 days after tattoo). Do not scratch the wound even though it is itchy. Some friends will scratch their wounds unconsciously when they fall to sleep. And I have a good idea to avoid this. Just put on your gloves when you sleep to avoid fading caused by scratching. tattoo_aftercare If the itchiness of the tattoo is unbearable, you can use your hands to slap it. You can also use an ointment, and apply little ointment to the itchy area. You must let the scar fall off itself. Wait for the tattoo wound to completely peel off (about 7~15 days), apply tattoo special ointment again, apply it 2~3 times a day, take a little ointment like a soybean size every time, massage the tattoo area with your palm to help skin absorb and recover fast, insist to apply it about 20 days, if the ointment is run out, you can use aloe vera gel or hand cream. 10 to 15 days or so, after the smashing fall, there will be a thin white skin as a normal phenomenon, and ointment can heal it. tattoo_aftercare

4. If you get tattoos on the calves, ankles, or insteps, you had better not walk or stand too long.

Walking or standing for a long time will cause the legs to become congested and affect the recovery of the tattoo. At the same time, try to wear breathable type of shoes and socks. Avoid inflamed tattoo wounds caused by airtightness; You are forbidden to eat seafood and dog meat within 2 months if you get colorful tattoos, so as not to induce color allergy or rejection. tattoo_aftercare_avoid_sunshine keep_the_new_tattoo_dry

5. It is strictly forbidden to swim, soak in a bath, steam, do fitness, or sweat too much within 10 days after a tattoo.

You must avoid strong stretching of tattoo areas. It is strictly forbidden to expose the tattoo areas in the sunshine. Wear loose and breathable clothes. You can take shower for a short time (3 to 5 minutes is recommended), after showering, wipe the water on the tattoo area in time to keep the wound dry. Neck_Tattoo It is recommended to come back to the tattoo shop and check your tattoo 45 days later after the tattoo. If the tattoo fade, please contact the tattoo artist to make an appointment. In another post, I also shared 7 tattoo aftercare procedures, you have to listen to your tattoo artist, and follow his advice. It is important to do tattoo aftercare.