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5 Tips About Round Tattoo Idea Designs


Jason Wang |

I don't know when the trend of straight-line tattoos became popular, probably because people have fallen into a deep obsession ever since they saw the straight line that stretched from the lower lip to the neck, or from the neck up to the lip, which unexpectedly sparked a wave of fashion and trendsetters to follow. leg-tattoo Slowly, the arms, shoulders, necks and spines of young men and women were covered in straight lines of varying lengths and colours, dividing their bodies into various areas, as if each person had a very different life, and each person was cut and pulled by something or someone. couple-tattoo The seemingly cold and straightforward lines come with the space and possibility to be shaped and imagined at will, which can make people imagine infinite reverie, which is probably the art of minimalism. Although simple, straight lines are not easy; after all, for tattoo artists, consecutive lines are not drawn down with a ruler. Not only is it not simple, but it also tests the basic skills of the tattooist. So it's not as simple as that. women-sleeve-tattoo Although the current straight line is prevalent, I have always been attracted to the circle; if you have to find some of its association with the straight line, it is probably a seemingly simple circle with a tattoo needle to the skin is still not simple, in the world of tattooing. There is no circle gauge for this little thing. chest-tattoo Why are you attracted to circles? Because I believe that the closure of the process can encircle the arms, fingers, neck, ankles, and maybe you too. sleeve-tattoo Hook your little thumb with my circle-tied finger. Can you bear to share this cute little hand? Raise my circled arm around your waist. Can you manage to push away my embrace? Do you not think about your future with me when you're snuggled up to me with my circled neck? I have always believed that the circle is the magic shape of all shapes. I want to encircle you in coils, just like the circles on my body orbit me in circles. hand-tattoo Suppose a line, which can be a straight line or a ray, can be extended and terminated at will, straight and unconcerned. In that case, a circle is the divider and decomposer of space, of an area, which has the feeling and the ability to show the world the boundary and what is within the permissible limits by closing it. In a way, the circle is more detached or solitary because it sets its limits and closes itself off. chest-tattoo Tattoos are like people, and I am a person with a sense of boundaries; I unconsciously draw a reasonably safe area for myself, the things I want to do and the people around me, without crossing the line, without intruding and without testing the waters. I wonder if those who also have a circle tattoo will feel and think the same way as I do. Perhaps to some people, a tattoo is nothing more than an inanimate design that has been stuck into the skin with paint, and that's it. But things that follow one's body and life, whether they are alive or not, deserve to be alive. I want to give meaning to the circle to define a meaningful tattoo and skin.