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5 Important Tips to Know about Tattoo Needles

tattoo needle

Jason Wang |

As a tattoo supply seller, I usually receive many messages from tattoo artists, especially new tattoo artists, asking me, "which needle sizes should I pick up?" Now, let me discuss needle knowledge.

Tattoo needle-type differentiation

For example 1211M1 12 is representing the steel wire thickness. The steel wire thickness has three modes, which are 08, 10 and 12. The 08 steel wire corresponds to 0.25 thickness, the ten steel wire corresponds to 0.30 thickness, and the 12 steel wire corresponds to 0.35 thickness. Except for the three modes, there is 0.40 in the tattoo market. Suppose the steel thickness is too coarse, and difficult to pin welding. If the steel thickness is too thin, the needle material is easy to bend when working. 11 means the number of needles. M1 means the needle tip arrangement. tattoo needle The wormhole tattoo needle has different modes: RL, RS, RM, F, M1, and M2.
RL: ROUND circular, all stitches together in the middle. RS: Opposite of RL. RM: Crossed with an arc, also known as a circular needle. F: All pin roots at one point, parallel. M1: Forked rows of needles. M2: Double row of needles. A double row of hands with the same number of stitches is half the width of a forked row of needles.
In the field of the tattoo market, there are many shaped needles. Some are angled stitches from the M1 variation. The roots are crossed open, also called hollow needles. There are also 3-row needles with multiple forks in a row, evolving from the M2. But these are immature products and not mainstream. The sketching needle has a thin tip and a more extended point. This technique of sketching is more often used on the figure. A delicate approach is required, and the needle enters the skin with marks and pinholes. The difference between the wires is small but still visible. So for this sketching technique, the hand is required to be okay; the work is soft and the smaller the pinhole, the better. You can't tell a sketching needle by the thickness of the wire alone, and the yellow 08 model is not always a sketching needle. To distinguish between sketching needles, you have to look at the thickness of the wire, the length of the needle tip, and the hand's thickness.

Tattoo tips selection formula

Sketching needles do not come with matching disposable tips. Stainless steel professional nozzles are available. The disposable nozzles are all designed for a 0.35 calculation. There is a calculation for how to know if the needle and nozzle match. Take 0807M1 for example, 7*0.25/ 0.35 = matching disposable nozzle. You can only take the needle nozzle type upwards. If you can't divide it all, you can't round up. Needle nozzles can only be significant, not small. What is a good tattoo needle-like? 1, there are many types of stainless steel, that can be used to do tattoo needles, selected 304h and 304L medical stainless steel. Stainless steel mainly 316 pure medical, 304L medical, 304 ordinary these few. Three hundred sixteen requirements are high, and not easy to do. 304L medical stainless steel raw material cost is 304 common steel 2 to 3 times. Good tattoo needles must be strictly sterilized, quality after strict testing, and relatively stable. 2, minor skin damage, not bending hooks. In addition to eliminating the quality of the product, the most significant difference is that Suzhou Chaoyun has a colour-changing piece, and this colour-changing piece is there to spend. Each needle is to be sterilized with ethylene oxide, safer; all needles are strictly sterilized, and the colour of the colour change piece hinted at blue. Tattoo needles that have not been sterilized are a different colours, appearing pink, rosy and dark pink. Colour change tablets are highly influenced by temperature and can produce colour changes and are a side reminder to our customers to be careful about the way they are stored. Blue colour changing piece? 3, good needle, solder rounded inferior hand, solder rough. RL needle, needle tip tightened, not loose. Evenly distributed needle rows. Good needles without bent hooks. Solder link needle bar needle tip. Tin more, so that the soldered part of the projection is not flat, resulting in the use and the needle nozzle has friction mismatch, solder debris with the colour material into the skin caused by the chances of infection and cause tetanus chances to rise. 4, a suitable needle, no bent hook, flat head. If the hand has a curved hook phenomenon, like a fishing hook, in the tattoo needle into the skin after the tattoo process will cut the flesh, the damage will be significant, with meat. 5, good tattoo needles, must be strictly disinfected, the quality of a rigorous inspection. j&j Jie also follows such principles. Under a hundred times magnification, hand selected one by one to remove sub-standard products, only to give the tattooist the best.

Why does the ink spit occur?

The first thing to look for with inkjet is that the needle is not fitted incorrectly. The hand has to be reversed before it is tied to the leather band. If it is not, it will buckle. When the work is shaken, the colour spills out and causes the ink to spray. Secondly, the needle is correctly loaded, there is a brief inkjet, and the needle tip has air; before starting the tattoo, the needle tip should be dipped in ink exhaust. Finally, an open mouth is more accessible to inkjet than a closed mouth at the end of the needle.

Needle wire encounter what resistance will be deformed?

1, loading the needle wrong. Needle packed crooked, in the collision with the inner wall of the needle nozzle will be deformed. 2, dipped in the colour material. In the ink dipping process, the tattoo machine is working; the novice does not pay attention to making ink dipping when the head of the mouth is too down, resulting in the needle and the colour material cup collision caused by the hand bending deformation. 3, problematic skin. This belongs to a one-sided understanding. Mainly the guest's horny layer is relatively thick before the tattoo to apply Vaseline. Different models of needles are suitable for doing what figure. The tattoo needles are divided into RL, RS, RM, F, M1, and M2 six types, RL and RS are a circular needles, the others are rows of arrows, RL is used to cut the line, and the others are used to play fog, M1 is a cross-row needle, is now the domestic market to use the most of a fogging hand, M2 is a double-row needle, RM is an arced needle, F is a single row of needles, F is most suitable for totems, RS is a circular fogging needle The RS is around fogging needle. Most of the needles used for general fogging are blunt, and too sharp to scratch the skin; the damage to the skin is also relatively extensive, and blunt needle tip on the colour is excellent. F single-row needles: generally used for trimming and finishing sharp corners and for tiny shapes, not often used for large areas. M2 double-row overlapping needles: because of the greater density of the needle tips, penetration into the skin is shallow, making it suitable for very fine misting. M1 cross-row needles: the most commonly used, both large and small rows of needles are widely used; such needles go on very well and can be light or heavy. RM circular needle: perfect, especially when light and dark change; the effect is very even. Visit the complete guide to tattoo needles to know more about tattoo needle knowledge.