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Hot Sale-Most Popular Kit For Tattoo Beginners

Wormhole Tattoo pen 1PC

Dual digital tattoo power supply 1PC

RCA clip cord 1PC

Foot pedal 1PC

Standard power cord 1PC

Wormhole Tattoo cartridge needles (5 x 5RL, 5 x 5RM) 10PC’s

30ml tattoo inks 8PC’s

Small size ink cups with base 20PC’s

Middle size ink cups with base 20PC’s

Blank tattoo practice skin 1PC

Transfer paper 1PC

Cohesive bandage 1PC

Pair of blue nitrile gloves 1PC

Tattoo pen kit user manual 1PC

tattoo pen

Genuine advice from Wormhole Tattoo Company

How to maintain tattoo pens?

Maintaining a tattoo pen is a very simple thing, just make sure that the tattoo machine in A Safe Place. Choose the Right Way to Clean and Disinfect Tattoo Machine.

How to get started with tattoos?

When you decided to be a tattoo artist, the first thing is learning how to draw, getting a tattoo education, building design skills and knowledge, working with tattoo artists, and getting licensed.

How to take aftercare of tattoos?

  1. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly and bandage to the new tattoo and remove the bandage after 24 hours. Gently wash the tattoo again with antibacterial soap and water, and make sure to pat dry.
  2. Make sure to apply a layer of antibacterial/petroleum jelly ointment twice a day, but do not apply the bandage again.
  3. Ensure that the tattoo area is gently washed twice daily with soap and water and gently patted dry before reapplying the antibacterial/petroleum jelly ointment.
  4. Continue to apply moisturizer or ointment after washing to keep it moist.

Is Wormhole Tattoo Supply Brand Only For Tattoo Beginners?

This answer can not be said to be completely incorrect, because the Wormhole brand tattoo is established for junior tattoo artists, tattoo enthusiasts, and people who are ready to give their own tattoos a better tattoo experience, providing them with a one-stop service of tattooing equipment, so that they can feel the fun and culture of tattooing. However, after these years of market friction and customer experience, our new products are constantly moving upmarket, producing high-performance tattoo equipment and progressing with our customers.