What is the purpose of tattoos?

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People who have tattoos know that tattoos are not just a pattern on the skin, they often have more meaning for themselves. Actually, I shared many blogs about tattoo meaning, such as simple tattoo design meaning, meaningful baby tattoos, and 15 popular tattoo style meaning. And through tattoos, we often get a deeper understanding of many truths in life. There are several purposes for people to get tattoos.

1. Be yourself

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Tattoos are your own business. Once you choose a tattoo, you don’t need to pay attention to those criticisms and mean comments.

You have chosen to leave permanent marks on your body. Won’t you feel sad by the criticisms?

2. First impressions are not always correct

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Have you ever judged people by their appearance? Has anyone been judged by appearance? Tattoos can undoubtedly magnify this phenomenon!

When others judge you by appearance, you can also judge him by his superficiality. If someone judges you through your tattoos, your dress, your aesthetics, then I suggest you spend the time meeting new friends rather then explaining to them!

3. Pain is temporary

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No pain can replace joy, and no pain can stay forever.

And the traces of pain can often become the most important course in life.

This truth can be perfectly interpreted by tattoos: the pain in the tattoo process will eventually be replaced by a beautiful pattern.

4. Don’t be afraid of new life experiences

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Remember the tension when you first tattooed? You have never done this, and the pattern you chose will stay on your body for a lifetime.

But in the end, you made this decision. You must admit your courage and tell yourself that you will not be afraid of new things in the future.

5. Meaning is subjective

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The same thing means different things to different people. Your tattoo is only meaningful to you. It may be about a person, about a thing, about memory and emotion, or about an impulse, a temporary decision … Whatever, it is on you has nothing to do with others. No one’s guess will be correct, the meaning is your own.

6. Not everything has to be meaningful!

tattooed manMany times when you go to tattoo, you really just want to tattoo! Do I have to say something? !! Must we try to find a reason for ourselves? The reason why life is wonderful is just that we do something meaningless. When we think about it later, we always talk about it.

7. Money is not as important as imaginedtattoos for men

You did a tattoo, and you probably spent a lot of money. But you not only get the artwork that can accompany you forever, but also a lasting memory and fun experience which s is priceless.

8. Real happiness is to be the person you want to be!

I am who I am and have a lifestyle I like. I’m unique. Don’t become someone else.

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