Tattoo Spree—— Tom Hardy


The man loves tattoos too much, and there are more than 20 tattoos on his body. He will occasionally be a guest tattooer. If you see this face and you haven’t recognized who he is, you must be impressed by the role he played in the movie. The first is the 《Mad Max:Fury Road》 which is seen in this year’s release.
Another masterpiece is with Benedict cooperation 《Stuart:A life backwards》 among the characters to leave Tom Hardy a very important meaning, we will discuss later.
The most well-known should be 《Inception》
There are also 《Band of Brothers》 and the brave American soldiers in 《Black Hawk Down》, the evil villain of 《The Dark Knight Rises》, from the unemployed to the warriors, the plasticity is very strong.
Tom Hardy is often set in the movie as a tough guy image, always play some cool pulled ruthless role, but in life, he was also a delicate feeling of people, he will record his experience with a small pattern on his body.
Irish Leprechaun
There are a lot of people are worried about the idea of a tattoo would be subjected to pattern after scolding parents, then how to do?
Perhaps with tattoos to express their love for their parents is a good choice, I remember watching 《The Simpsons》 during the first quarter of the first episode, the younger son Bart wants to tattoo” mother” in the arm. However, he was taken out of the tattoo shop by his mother.
Tom Hardy’s first tattoo at the age of 15 was a goblin pattern. This ugly little goblin originated from Irish folklore. Tom Hardy chose this pattern as the first tattoo to commemorate the mother of Irish descent.

Padre Fiero
Patterned on behalf of the mother, Tom Hardy can’t be eccentric. The line “Padre Fiero” commemorates the father in the position of the left clavicle. This phrase means “proud father” in Italian. He is proud of his father and hopes that his father is proud of himself.
Tom Hardy’s right clavicle has a seemingly meaningless number “1338046”, which is the number of his good friend Pnut’s father in the Marine Corps.
About Love
There are several women in Tom Hardy’s life who are extremely important to him. The first is his ex-wife Sarah Ward, whose ex-wife’s mark on the soup is a dragon on the left arm. She was born in the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon.
There is also a line of the gothic tale “TILL I DIE SW” in the abdomen.
About Child
Another important part of Tom Hardy’s life is his ex-girlfriend Rachael Speed. After he found out that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant, he painted the baby’s Virgin Mary and a star on his left arm. Thank God for giving him the child.
Tom Hardy loves his son Louis very much. I think that such a big man will even accompany his son to watch cartoons. The scene must be very cute. He especially left two positions on his body for his son, one on the right side of the Italian “Figlio Mio Bellissimo” (my beautiful son). Another is the “Baby Louis” on the left arm.
Love the motherland
Born in London, England, Tom Hardy tattooed a British flag and the London skyline to commemorate his hometown.
Lindy King
Tom Hardy, who is only 1.75 meters tall, debuted in the model competition. Although he is not high in the male model world, he is better at the proportion of the body and was discovered by a model company.
But Tom Hardy prefers to perform. He even promises his agent. If the agent can bring him into Hollywood, he will make a tattoo for her, so there is the “Lindy King” under the dragon.
The most important role
In the beginning, I talked about Tom Hardy’s film《Stuart:A life backwards》, which contributed the most important role in Tom Hardy’s life – a thief, a hostage holder, a mental illness and Men of multiple identities such as nomads reflect the lives of the people at the bottom of the UK. Tom Hardy tattooed an “S” on his chest to commemorate his role in the film “Stuart.”
Other Tattoos
In addition, Tom Hardy has many other tattoos, such as the tweezers tattoos he believes can bring him courage, tribal tattoos, two masks plus “Smile Now Cry Later” (some laugh now, cry later) and some Unclear arrows and black crows, etc.
Tom Hardy, who has been addicted to tattoos, occasionally starred in a tattoo artist in a London-based tattoo shop.
This man looks like a strong-bad man. He changed people’s impression that “there are bad men with tattoos”, and the heart is actually warm. Tom Hardy used tattoos to record his wife, children, parents, roles and even agents, and recorded his past, even if he divorced his ex-wife, he did not wipe her traces, as he said.
“Every tattoo on my body is meaningful to me. Each represents my life experience, what I did or what I am. So I marked them on the body, where have I been, where will I go”

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