Green Coil 10 Warp Tattoo Machine


Wormhole Tattoo 1 pcs Green Coil 10 Warp Tattoo Machine for Shander N104514-A-S

About the product:

  • Iron Tattoo Machine Working Stable,Uniform Speed,Smooth Lines,Being Easy to Color,Reducing Damage of Skin
  • Spring:High Flexible,Strong Elasticity,High Hardness,Not Easy to Wreck
  • The Machine Working with Low Noise And Without Any Heat Within 8 Hours
  • Frame is Made of Iron,Handmade Coil 10 Wrap for Shader 
  • Model:  N104514-A-S

    Brand: Wormhole Tattoo

    1 x Shader Machine N104514-A-S

Product description

  1. Frame Material:Iron
  2. Pure Brass Handmade Coil 10 Wraps for Shader
  3. Coil Color: Green(Shader)
  4. Start Voltage:4V Working Voltage:6-8V
  5. Running Speed:6000~7200r/min
  6. Capacitor:47UF 63V

1.6 Months Warranty for Quality-Related Issues
2.For 6 Months After the Date of Purchase,We Take Care of All Quality-Related Issues With a Replacement or Full Refund

1.Please Clean Remain on Tattoo Machine When You After Work
2.Please Often Smear Rust Oil in Tattoo Machine Frame,Avoid the Frame Be Rusted

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