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High Quality Cartridge Tattoo Pen

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High Quality Tattoo Pen with Safety Motor for Liner and Shader

Technical Information:

* Type: Wormhole Tattoo PEN

* Operating voltage: 5 - 13 V DC

* Power input: 15 VA

* Stitch frequency: 55 - 165 Hz

* Stroke: 3,5 mm

* Needle protrusion: 0 - 4,5 mm

* Connection: 3,5 mm Jack plug

* Propulsion: Precision DC motor

* Operating mode: Continuous operation

Recommended Operating Conditions:

* Ambient temperature: +10 °C to +35 °C

* Relative humidity: 30 % to 75 %

Pen Dimensions:

* Diameter x Length: 30 x 113.5 mm

* Weight: ca. 165 g

- Comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design allows for optimal maneuverability

- Convenient interchangeable stroke suits different styles of tattooing  

- Secure ratcheting system enables artists to lock in needle depth settings  

- Seamless, autoclavable, telescopic grip feature is compatible with all needles      

- By rotating the grip, you can infinitely set and alter your optimum needle protrusion. The correct needle setting must be taken into account depending on the application and skin type in order to achieve perfect results.     

- The Wormhole Tattoo PEN is much quieter and vibrates less than conventional tattoo machines. But it still has high puncturing power and frequency.


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  • Does it come with power supply

    This tattoo pen package include 1 clip cord,The power supply needs to be purchased separately, you can buy it together on the website and it will be delivered within 3-7 days after payment.

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