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Large Magnum Disposable Soft Tattoo Tubes 6/5

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  • Wikipedia says" A wormhole is a hypothethical to pological feature that would fundamentally be a shortcut connecting two separate points in spacetime." 
Large Magnum Flat Tips Sterilized Disposable Soft Tattoo Tubes with 6/5 Big Mag Tips Pack of 15
WORMHOLE TATTOO is like a wormhole that connects you and me. 
Hope WORMHOLE TATTOO will bring you a magical tattoo as you like. 
Wormhloe plastic tattoo tubes are single-used only. 
Each blister is packed individually and pre-sterilized with E.O .Gas.
Manufactured to CE standards.
It fits all standard tattoo machine vises and tattoo needles.
Sold 15 in a box


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