Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Kit with 2 Head


Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit both Use for Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Tattoo Supplies WTK029

About the product

  • Comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design allows for optimal maneuverability
  • Secure ratcheting system enables artists to lock in needle depth settings
  • Dual-Usage Seamless, autoclavable, compatible Eyebrows Cartridge Needles and Tattoo Needles Cartridge
  • One turn give dial allows for adjustment of needle tension providing artists with more options and flexibility
  • Tattoo pen and power supply come with one year warranty. Tattoo clip cord and tattoo foot pedal come with 6 month warranty.
  • Custom engraving belongs to your tattoo pen only,Leave and customize your own name (10 letters limited) for services@wormholetattoosupply.com


Wormhole Tattoo is focusing on exploration innovation all the time and keep our product updated, therefore we can provide you safe, convenient and reliable tattoo products.
Tattoo is becoming a part of our life. Tattoo kit is a good choice for tattoo artist to improve tattoo skills.
Wormhole Tattoo offers varieties of tattoo equipment to meet customers'different demands. especially for the people who are in middle-income.
Singers share stories with voice; writers write down their stories with pens; tattoo artists record stories with tattoo equipment.
Beginner tattoo kits, professional tattoo kit, tattoo pens and cartridge needles are supplied by Wormhole Tattoo. 
Let tattoo record love in a fashionable and health way.

Package includes:

1// 1 X tattoo pen with 2 Head (one for tattoo,one for Eyebrow tattoo)

2// 1 X tattoo clip cord

3// 1 X tattoo foot pedal

4// 1 X tattoo power supply

5// 10 X tattoo cartridge needles

6// 10 X tattoo eyebrow cartridge needles

7// 10 X tattoo ink caps

8// 1 X blank tattoo practice skin

9// 1 X eyebrow tattoo practice skin

10// 5 X transfer tattoo paper

11// 1 X ointment

12// 1 X pair tattoo golves

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