Bronc-S Rotary Tattoo Machine 7 Colors

New Bronc-S Cartridge Tattoo Machines
All new magnetic drive bar system
The machine can be easily disassembled into 4 main pieces for maintenance. Grip part can also be broken down into pieces for cleaning.
Swiss made 5w motor, max speed 12000rpm
Working Voltage: 6~9 V DC
Recommended: 7 V DC (Increase for lining & decrease for shading)
Stroke length: 3.5mm
Grip adjustment range: 6MM (Keep turning the grip anti-clockwise will disassemble the grip)
*Compatible with Cheyenne type grip. Not compatible with other normal cartridge grips on the market. Please be aware of this.
*You may disassemble all main machine body for maintenance ( body, motor bolt, drive bar, grip)
*DO NOT attempt to take apart the Motor Bolt any further. Warranty will become void if this action is taken.

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